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Facebook User Meets A Guardian Angel Of Dogs And Shares Her Experience!!!

Let’s share a little ‘humanity’ for a blissful beginning of the year 2017.

On 2nd January, Pei Shi Cheong, shared her heartwarming story on Facebook of how she encountered the guardian angel of dogs, Cash. (I am unsure if this is the aunty’s real name but this is what Pei Shi called her)

Apparently, Cash has been helping dead animals to rest in peace, especially dogs that get run over by vehicles on the highway on for some time now. Also, Pei Shi mentioned that it was her first time seeing this angel in action, as she had only heard of Cash by the word of mouth.

Since it was her first time experiencing the grief moment, Pei Shi expressed her deep sadness when she saw the pitiful dog that had been hit by a vehicle. She also states that it is saddening to see that no one else helped the dog, despite the traffic was heavy that day.

It is simply amazing and touching to see how Cash ‘saves’ these dogs, just so that they would have a proper eternal rest. When there is Cash, there isn’t a single dog that dies in vain.

Pei Shi also says that she sees a lot of people posting similar cases of dogs being hit and run popping up on Facebook every now and then, but these are the same people who don’t go the extra mile of giving the proper aid and/or care.

In her words (translated), “It is pointless to know about it but doesn’t offer further help, because others won’t do it either.”

She also said that with this experience she had learnt something new, and she pledged if ever she would encounter such situation she would do her best to help and solve it before finding assistance through the net.


Take a look at the video below!

Dikirim oleh Pei Shi Cheong pada 2 Januari 2017

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1 Comment

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