Malaysian Father Teaches Son-In-Law A Lesson For Abusing His Daughter – “ I Did Not Raise My Daughter From Little Baby Until Now For You To Abuse Her"

Facebook with over 20,000 shares. Source: Facebook It is believed that the older man clad in a white polo-T is the father-in-law of the younger man, and the reason for beating him up was because his son-in-law had been abusing his daughter, who is his wife! As a good father, he flew into rage and dragged his son-in-law out to teach him a lesson when he got to know about this. In the video, he kept scolding the younger man saying,

“Did I raise my daughter from a little baby until the adult she is today just for you to abuse her? I already warned you many times, I allowed my daughter to marry you but you treat her like this!”
Additionally, the father-in-law was accompanied by a few other men and he instructed one of them to bring some rotans over as he wanted to teach the younger man a lesson. Source: Facebook He then hit and kicked the man, who did not retaliate but just put his hands up to protect himself. Based on the videos, it is believed that he was also angry at the man for neglecting his younger daughter as he had not been doing his duty to take care of his family. He continued scolding,
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“Are you apologizing to me? When you hit my daughter, did you tell her sorry? You thought that I would let this matter go just like that? Do you know what you did wrong now? Looks like you are really not scared of me eh! If you’re so good at hitting people, get up and hit me now. Go on, hit me!”
Source: Facebook Some time later, someone passed a thick rotan to the father-in law and he used it to cane the young man soundly while saying that he was teaching him a lesson. He said,
“If your parents didn’t manage to teach you this, then I will teach you. Did you know that your parent came to me and begged me for mercy.”
After a sound beating from the enraged father-in-law, the guy was left cowering on the streets while the other man walked off.

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It was alleged in the videos that the incident happened somewhere in Kuching, Sarawak. But it is unclear when it actually took place. Netizens who saw the videos were mostly supportive of the father and said that the son-in-law fully deserves the beating. They also said that he was the most appropriate person to teach the guy a lesson. Meanwhile, some of them commented that they did not support violence but agreed that the guy deserves it.
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Watch the videos below and let us know what you think in the comment section!

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  1. Evelyn Yee

    October 25, 2018 at 21:58

    Let not this be accepted as a normal way to “teach ” a wrong doer a lesson. It is understandable a father is a daughter’s knight in shining armour and a father of course will be angry with what happened. Will all that beating change someone? Will there be anymore affection and love for one’s spouse after the beatings? What will happen next? Does it resolve anything?

  2. Buddha

    October 25, 2018 at 23:21

    The guy marry the wrong girl whose father is a gangster “taiko”…..too bad

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