Former K-pop EXO Member Luhan Rejected By Chinese Actress’s Mom From Marrying 'Coz Plastic Surgery & Femininity - The Coverage

Former K-pop EXO Member Luhan Rejected By Chinese Actress’s Mom From Marrying ‘Coz Plastic Surgery & Femininity


This real-life K-drama may not be as tragic but it’s almost there. I can almost imagine the stereotypical evil mom in actress Guan Xiaotong’s mother here.

This is how the story goes. Last October, former member of K-pop most popular group EXO, Luhan announced that he had started dating Guan Xiaotong, a China’s actress who is from a family of actors.

luhan and xiaotong
Source: allkpop

The news was so big, it crashed China version of Twitter, Weibo. Yes, that is the magnitude of Luhan’s star power!

Soon after, rumours about their marriage were exposed, causing havoc among the fans based. But it seems like Luhan couldn’t tie the knot with Xiaotong that easily.

xiaotong with her mother 2
Source: topnews

What stands in their way was the girlfriend’s mother. The mother demanded these three qualities in her future son-in-law: (1) a real responsible man; (2) naturally handsome complexion; and (3) must be masculine and show no sign of sissiness/femininity.

luhan exo
Source: Twitter

It looks like a metrosexual man was a big no-no for Xiaotong’s mother. Luhan’s K-pop/flower-boy vibe may be adored by millions of fans but his future mother-in-law is against his charm.

luhan plastic surgery
luhan plastic surgery
Source: celebritysurgeryrumor

Another reason why Xiaotong’s mother is against the marriage is that she had heard rumours about Luhan’s plastic surgery. Although the rumours were never been confirmed, but avid observers had accused Luhan for undergoing double eyelid surgery, jawline surgery, and a nose job. To be honest, I couldn’t tell the difference. It could be diet, aging or makeup. Why does the mom have to be so picky?

Those are two big crosses out of the three criteria set by Xiaotong’s mother, adding that she thinks Xiaotong is too young to be married as she must take at least eight years more to consider tying the knot.

Xiaotong is 20-year-old this year, while Luhan is 27. According to news portal Soompi, the couple is amidst of shooting drama tpgether set to broadcast on Hunan TV in 2018.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you find it hilarious or sad? Do you think this story makes a good Korean drama series? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: nextshark; Cover photo: koreaboo

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