Girlfriend Savagely Takes Revenge On Ex-Boyfriend Over His Cowardly Breakup - The Coverage

Girlfriend Savagely Takes Revenge On Ex-Boyfriend Over His Cowardly Breakup

More often than not breakups in couples can get pretty ugly and unpleasant, although sometimes the relationship ends rationally and peacefully when both parties come to a mutual understanding.

But girl, when you get dump without a reason, wouldn’t you be furious?!

Vicki, a girl who was dumped by her boyfriend in a very cowardly manner by blocking her on all social media platforms decided to take revenge by holding a morbid ritual for him.

She took it to Facebook to share the ‘ritual’ where it garnered a whole lot of attention from netizens.

Along with the pictures she posted, she wrote,

“Dear boyfriend, how are you? I really hope to see you again. Ever since you went overseas for work earlier this year, I’ve not seen you until now.

“Initially, we still kept in touch through messages and video calls, but later on I found out that you’ve blocked me on Facebook, Instagram, and WeChat.

“I called your friends and they couldn’t find you as well. Also, they told me not to wait for you.”

Judging by her boyfriend’s action and the responses from his friends, Vicki presumed that her boyfriend had broken up with her by completely cutting her out from his life without even giving her a reason why. So, she sarcastically continued in her post saying,

“I reckon you must’ve encountered a disaster while overseas, otherwise you would have replied my messages or return my calls. It’s like you just vanished from the earth!

“A few days ago, I saw someone performing rituals nearby my house. As your girlfriend, this is the last thing I can do for you, which is to send you off.”

Her revenge against her ex-boyfriend captured the attention of netizens with some siding with Vicki, condemning her ex-boyfriend for being a coward and not settle a break-up face to face.

One netizen said,

“The guy should at least have the courage to do it personally, and not completely ignore her without any explanation.”

However, there were also some netizens who think she had overreacted to the break-up to hold this morbid ritual, one of them said,

“If something really happened to him, what are you going to tell his parents? Did you also forget that this month is the hungry ghost month?”

Vicki herself later clarified that it was only a joke and she didn’t really mean it. Sure, she might’ve taken things too seriously, but still, if someone dumped you without a reason, it’s only right if you get angry!

Which side are you on and what’s your take on this? Share your answer with us in the comment section below.

(Source: WOB)

1 Comment

1 Comment

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