Harvard University : Study Suggests Men Should Ejaculate At Least 21 Times A Month

One of the most compelling arguments against the existence of God is the fact that so many fun things are bad for you, and so many boring things are good for you.

What kind of sick creator would make drinking, smoking and cheesecake bad for you, but early nights, jogging and celery good for you?

Well, don’t abandon all faith in the big man in the sky just yet, ’cause it seems regular ejaculation is in the healthy column.

Researchers at Harvard University found that men who ejaculate at least 21 times a month could see their chances of getting prostate cancer slashed by a third.

The study – which was published in European Urology in 2016 – involved 31,925 men, who filled out three questionnaires about ejaculation frequency between 1992 and 2010.

The results indicated a statistically significant reduction in prostate cancer rates among men who ejaculated frequently.

The study said: “We evaluated whether ejaculation frequency throughout adulthood is related to prostate cancer risk in a large US-based study.

“We found that men reporting higher compared to lower ejaculatory frequency in adulthood were less likely to be subsequently diagnosed with prostate cancer.

“These findings provide additional evidence of a beneficial role of more frequent ejaculation throughout adult life in the etiology of PCa [prostate cancer], particularly for low-risk disease.”

So there you have it fellas – doctor’s orders.

This isn’t the first study to link masturbation and reduced risk of cancer, either.

All the way back in 2003, researchers in Australia questioned more than 1,000 men with prostate cancer and 1,250 without about their sexual habits.

They found that those who had ejaculated the most between the ages of 20 and 50 were least likely to develop cancer.

Graham Giles, of the Cancer Council Victoria in Melbourne – who led the research team – told New Scientist: “It’s a prostatic stagnation hypothesis. The more you flush the ducts out, the less there is to hang around and damage the cells that line them.”

Studies thus far have only been able to prove a connection between increased ejaculation and lowered risk of prostate cancer.

But still, while we may not yet have an explanation, it’s a correlation many of us will be happy to get on board with.

You may remember that earlier this year, a politician in Texas tried to put a ban on men masturbating. Now, according to research, that may have been a dangerous move. Potentially life threatening.

As you may, or may not, be aware prostate cancer is on the rise – it’s now the third most common cancer in American males, and in the UK over half of new cases are prostate, lung or bowel related. There were over 45,000 cases of prostate cancer in 2014 in UK men.

The symptoms of the cancer include: a need to urinate more frequently, an sudden urge resulting in rushing to the toilet, difficulty in starting to pee, straining to wee, weak flow and a feeling that your bladder has not emptied fully.

As well as the regular list of diet, exercise and regular check-ups, researchers at Harvard University have also discovered that high levels of sexual activity can reduce the risk of contracting prostate cancer.

The study observed the sexual habits of 32,000 men and in conclusion determined that those with a higher rate of ejaculation were less likely to have prostate tumours.

The study states: “We found that men reporting higher compared to lower ejaculatory frequency in adulthood were less likely to be subsequently diagnosed with prostate cancer.

“This large prospective study provides the strongest evidence to date of a beneficial role of ejaculation in the prevention of prostate cancer.”

The magic number? 21. Apparently 21 ejaculations per month can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 33 percent.

Quite why this helps the prostate is yet to be fully determined, but scientists have speculated that it may flush toxins out of the system.

Of course, it’s not the only way to reduce risk. Going back to Texas, where a fine of $100 (£82) could be issued for committing ‘an act against an unborn child’, other options may have to be taken up.

Dr James Balch said they key to avoiding cancer is a good diet.

“If a man wants to stay out of the operating room and avoid cancer of the prostate, he needs to go full blast to avoid the high-fat junk food and environment toxins that contribute to prostate problems,” Dr Balch explained.

“And to start a wise nutritional program that includes the basic supplements that affect the prostate,” he added.

Tomatoes, organic coffee and plant-based fats are also believed to help the fight against prostate cancer.

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