Health: Long Hours Of Playing Smart Phone Causes Eyes Cancer ?

But do you know, that spending long hours looking at smart phone causes eye cancer? A 40 years old man went to the doctor due to eye redness and bad vision. When the doctor asked for detail information, to find out why his eyes has redness and his vision becomes bad. The man revealed that he has a habit of checking smart phones, right before he sleeps. This is a common routine that every smart phones’ owner has, final checking before off to bed. Then the doctor did a detailed checkup, and find out it’s not as simple as eye redness, it’s actually eye cancer! Many people don’t know that playing smart phones for long hours as a routine will brings menacing effect to health, especially the eyes.


Reason is because the light emitting from the screen of smart phones can damage retina, and it can affect eyesight badly. This condition worsens when we use smart phones in low light setting regularly! This light emitted from the smart phone in dim light makes our eyes dry. If this continues, it will causes eye cancer, or permanent blind. The debate on whether mobile phones is really linked to eye cancer is still ongoing. The Verge cited a German study and reported that using mobile phones can lead to a rare form of eye cancer.  Based on the findings of the study, regular use of cellphones can lead to uveal melanoma.

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This cancer only affects a few in every 100,000 people. The study was published in the journal Epidemiology. However, other reports claimed that there is no conclusive link between cellphone use and eye cancer. Interestingly, there are newer reports citing the role of smartphones in detecting cancer. The Verge reported that with the help of the smartphone camera flash, a retinoblastoma can already be detected among young children.

This is a great help since this is a rare type of aggressive eye cancer. Children who are snapped with the a smartphone and have white glow around their pupils in the children might mean there is a tumor growing inside the eye. The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT) already run a campaign last year to raise awareness of the smartphone’s capacity. Hence, don’t spend too much time on smart phones! Take good care of our eyes, otherwise we might end up just like this man.

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