A Heartbreaking Story Of Being In The Friendzone

 “I remember getting a threat from one of her suitors to keep away in my school bus before going home. She had a lot of them, and I just pretty much stuck by her just because.” Years and years went by, Martin witnessed all the heartbreak that Christine was facing. He was always just waiting by her side as the sideline and for a chance to tell her that he loves her. He even said, “I remember the words I used for her when I asked if she could be my girlfriend. I told her, ‘You’ve been through a lot, I don’t know why you’ve never given me the chance.” The two of them even got together only for a year after but it did not last as long as he wished.   “We became a couple but she broke up with me through a text message. It was a bad break-up,” said Cervantes. However, after the break-up they had lost contact. Years went by and wounds were slowly healed, the pair started amending their relationship as friends and eventually it went well. He had his life, and she had hers. She was already seeing someone else and Martin was happy for her as the guy was really good and was taking care of her well, according to ABS-CBN News. Since they were friends now, Christine decided to ask him to be the commentator of her wedding that he agreed to for her. OMG we can’t imagine how that pain must have felt! The big day came, and Martin was doing great! Right until, he saw Christine in her wedding dress. He just could not control himself any longer. He said, “I was by the mic when I finally saw her given to the man she was about to marry, I had the best view of her and then it hit me, I turned away from it and wiped a few tears, I didn’t know why that was happening. I thought I was okay, I gamely accepted the role in her wedding but I knew at that moment it was part regret but a bigger part was sincere happiness since she was going to a good man who would take care of her and the rest as you know is history.” NAWWWWWW, this is so sad and sweet at the same time. Literally tearing while writing this story. But of course, Martin was not going to cause a scene and show his sadness, he bravely “control macho”and got himself together due to his unconditional love for his best friend. He said, “I had to get myself together, holding it in the whole time. But I was very happy for her, happy that she’s happy with the man, a better man she ended up with.” He still believes that they are a fixture in each other’s lives and will always be there for each other’s milestones. That’s what true friends are for, right? FYI, Martin is still single right till today and is hoping he’ll meet his soulmate too. He said, “But here I am, still single, but knowing full well life has someone special waiting for me. I’ve said it year in and year out every Valentines – that just like a regular Jollibee customer – I AM WILLING TO WAIT, and wait I shall.” Source: Facebook We really hope this sweet boy Martin finds his true love! Martin was in a video ad that recently went viral and it touched so many hearts of netizens that it made them tear too. The video is called “Vow” and you definitely should watch it! The video ad was literally telling his life story and had brought back so much memories of the day he met the love of his life but had to let her go. This made him share his story on Facebook. Just like the saying goes, if you love someone let them go. If it’s meant to be, you’ll find your way back. But I guess Martin never got that chance, but not everyone gets the chance of marrying their true love, and that’s life. But we’re at least lucky to have spend our time with our one true love even if we never got to keep them.If you are still single and available, who knows you might end up wanting to meet Martin Cervantes. Check out his Instagram and Facebook, his actually quite a cutie!      

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