[Heartbreaking Story] Mother Dog Tries Her Best To Protect Her Newborns From Being Sold In The Market!!! - The Coverage

[Heartbreaking Story] Mother Dog Tries Her Best To Protect Her Newborns From Being Sold In The Market!!!

Netizens were left heartbroken when images of a mother watching over her caged puppies being sold in China surfaced on the net.

According to Nextshark, the series of pictures were first uploaded on QQ.com and it immediately spread around gaining much concern and empathy from Chinese netizens.

Le Le who is only 3 years-old, was reported to have already given birth three times and each time her puppies reached a month old they will be sold off by the owner. It is clear that Le Le is deeply upset over her owner’s actions.

It appears that during the recent ‘sale’, the poor mom dog went chasing after the buyer who bought two of her puppies. If this does not proof how emotionally scarred is Le Le, I don’t know what else would.

The source mentioned that the photographer who captured the heartbreaking images on Monday described how protective Le Le has become over her puppies. Whenever potential buyers were to show interest in her little puppies, she would turn around and glare at them.

Local and international netizens have been showering their concerns on the matter ever since:

“I’m not an animal activist, but I know why Le Le looked so sad…Why couldn’t [the owner] leave one puppy for Le Le”

“She had to endure the pain of losing her children time after time…the owner is too cruel”

“To you, it’s just a puppy; but to Le Le, it’s her child”

“Can anyone please SAVE HER and HER PUPPIES!!!!!IT hurts me too see of mother dog in pains!”

“This is so sad. Her owner sees her as a cash source but to her, those puppies are her babies! A month is too soon to separate them too. So sad.”

“There is nothing colder, nothing more heartless, nothing more evil, than the mind of a person who will justify such a thing as this. A pox on top of a curse, on your life, you cold blooded shrew.”



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