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Here Are The List of Economic Sectors & Businesses That Are Not Allowed To Reopen On May 4

Opening of economic sectors with strict SOP in place from 4th May 2020. Almost all economic sectors will be allowed to operate subject to T&C and SOP.

Exclusions: Activities/business with a lot of gatherings such as cinemas, karaoke, night clubs, bazaar ramadhan, theme parks, carnivals, expo.

RESTAURANTS allowed to be opened with space in between for social distancing. Number of people sitting in a table to be limited based on the size of the tables. Queues for paying needs to follow social distancing (1m distance). Hand sanitizers to be provided at payment counters.

Temperatures of customers can be scanned prior to entrance. Name and phone numbers of restaurant customers to be recorded for future contact tracing. Same applies for food trucks.

Sports activities with body contact are not allowed. Including football, rugby, swimming in public areas, indoor sports. Outdoor activities without body contact is allowed such as badminton, jogging, tennis, golf, and small groups of running below 10 with the condition.

Social activities such as kenduri, parties, rumah terbuka, concerts and monthly gatherings and all forms of gatherings are NOT allowed.

Religious activities such as berjemaah, with congregations are not allowed.

Travelling across states is not allowed especially for those balik kampung for Hari Raya.

All educational institutes are to remain closed.

Other sectors not mentioned by PM are allowed to resume activities subject to social distancing, SOP’s.

Number of people in public transport should also follow social distancing.
Petrol stations- More hand sanitizers to be purchased.

To avoid crowding at public transportation facilities, the government proposes staggered working hours. All users of public transport are advised to use masks.

Employers/Companies to assess temperature of staff on a daily basis. Staff to ensure that all items are kept clean and to avoid body contact with colleague.

Employers can still recommend that their staff continue to work from home, probably with alternate days in the office. Government appeals to employers to allow their staff with young kids (daycares) to give flexibility on working alternate days, etc.

Public servants- Government recommends to work from home unless required and to have online meetings. HOD’s to focus on concept of WFH.

Hair salons and barbers are still not allowed to operate under the conditional movement control order (MCO).

Based on infographics provided by the National Security Council (NSC), the government has listed those as among activities that are not allowed based on the recommendations made by the Health Ministry.

Others include entertainment and sports, such as cinemas, karaoke, theme parks, museums and busking.

Conferences and galleries, career and wedding fairs, travel packages and promotions, sales carnivals and all sorts of conferences involving large gatherings are also not allowed.

Social activities such as kenduri and wedding ceremonies and similar celebrations such as birthdays are also prohibited.

All sports and recreational activities involving large gatherings like football are still not allowed.

Sports games involving supporters or fans in a large stadium as well as indoor sports including gymnasiums are also still prohibited.

Swimming activities and contact sports such as rugby, boxing, and basketball are also not allowed.

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