Here Are The List of Malaysia Top 14 National Asset Sold When Lim Guan Eng Was Our Finance Minister

  1. Khazanah jual IHH berhad kepada Jepun – RM8.41 bilion (Nov 2018)
  2. Khazanah jual saham CIMB – RM364 juta (Dis 2018)
  3. Axiata jual M1 Singapura kepada Singapura – RM1.65 bilion (Feb 2019)
  4. Khazanah jual saham Bank Filipina BDO Unibank kepada Filipina – RM415 juta (Feb 2019)
  1. Boustead jual Hotel Royale Chulan kepada Singapura – RM197 juta (Feb 2019)
  2. Khazanah jual saham Tenaga Nasional – RM1.05 bilion (April 2019)
  3. Axiata jual aset digital kepada Singapura – RM580 juta (April 2019)
  4. Menteri Kewangan jual sebahagian dari projek Bandar Malaysia kepada syarikat Malaysia-China- RM7.41 bilion (Apr 2019)
  5. Khazanah jual hartanah DUO kepada Singapura – RM4.73 bilion (Julai 2019)
  6. Khazanah jual kepentingan saham dalam syarikat elektrik Arab Saudi kepada Malakoff – RM289 juta (Julai 2019)
  1. Khazanah jual saham CIMB dengan cara pajakan- RM2 bilion (Julai 2019)
  2. Khazanah jual Pusat Perubatan Prince Court kepada IHH yang kini milik Jepun- RM1.02 bilion (Sep 2019)
  3. Khazanah jual lebuhraya tol Jakarta kepada syarikat Kanada- RM2.1 bilion (Sept 2019).
  4. Khazanah jual Hotel Andaz Singapura dengan kepada syarikat Singapura – RM1.44 bilion (Okt 2019)

Source : Cin Ca News

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng is an “expert in selling assets

“When he (Lim) was chief minister of Penang, he sold a lot of land, land rights and state government shares to show a budget surplus every year, although the state government’s yearly expenditure increased more than three to four times during those 10 years.

THE new Perikatan Nasional government will look into the affairs of the Finance Ministry under former finance minister Lim Guan Eng, said Umno deputy president Mohamad Hassan.

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The former Negri Sembilan menteri besar accused DAP secretary-general Lim of selling off national assets and adding RM140 billion to the country’s debts during his 21-month stint as finance minister.

Source : The Malaysian Insight

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