Heroic Malaysians Stood Up Against Evil, Saved The Chinese Female Victim And Gave A Hell Of A Beating To The Kidnappers!!! - The Coverage

Heroic Malaysians Stood Up Against Evil, Saved The Chinese Female Victim And Gave A Hell Of A Beating To The Kidnappers!!!

2 male kidnappers were hunted down in a dangerous car chase by Malaysian heroes after they had forcefully dragged a young Chinese lady into their van.

According to WOB, the incident had happened in Sungai Pelong at around 5 in the evening.

It was reported that the 20-year-old was on the way to her car when all of a sudden this two violent men appeared and kidnapped her. They even managed to leave a ramson note in the car.

Obviously, in her panic mode, the lady shouted at the top of her lungs and managed to get the public’s attention. Some heroic Malaysians quickly grabbed their ride and chased down the kidnappers’ white van.

Netizens who saw the whole incident said that the kidnappers were driving like mad dogs and even banged a few vehicles on the road. Probably trying to escape from the angry Malaysians, the kidnappers threw the victim out of the moving van, while it was still moving!

After doing such a thing to a lady, karma worked its way up quickly and their van crashed into a big tree. The van was completely trashed while the kidnappers suffered injuries.

That’s not the end, though! Our Malaysian heroes dragged the kidnappers out of the van and started bashing them like they deserve before handing them to the police. They even set the whole damn van on fire, just to prove their point – Malaysians Are Not To Be Messed With!!!

Both the 25 and 35-year-old Chinese kidnappers were kept in Sungai Buloh Police Station for investigation. During their investigation, the police also found a parang, gloves, face masks and ropes in the van. Of course, the van was a stolen vehicle and the number plate used was fake.

Unfortunately, due to the fall, the victim has sustained bone fractures on her legs but she is safe from those lunatics. Also, it was reported that her parents owned a curtain company in Sungai Pelong.

We would like to thank the Malaysians who stood up against evil and won the battle, also to wish the victim a speedy recovery!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. the c-nyk

    January 13, 2017 at 14:04

    This is a feel good instant karma type of thing and there must be little sympathy for the those who got proper whacking. It is not my intention to spoil the mood but those individuals who used excessive force on the kidnappers can be charged for assault. On this note, I sincerely hope that ppl can exercise a little bit more restraint when presented with such opportunity in the future.

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