Hishammuddin Hussein Shall Be Malaysia Prime Minister No 8 : Carrying Tun Hussein & Onn Jaafar Legacy


KUALA LUMPUR, 11 Dis — Menteri Pertahanan Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein ketika sidang media selepas Persidangan Dewan Negara di Bangunan Parlimen hari ini. –fotoBERNAMA (2017) HAK CIPTA TERPELIHARA

Chinese people say No 8 is a fantastically lucky number.
So the luck must live up to the expectations of the number.

But first Azmin Ali has to be removed from the front pages as potential leader etc.

And here is how it is being done :

Give update on sex video, IGP and AG Chambers Urged

About time police / AG’s chambers update on Azmin sex video says Haniff Khatri who is Dr Mahathir’s legal adviser

He said been five months since (sex) video led authorities to investigate video’s authenticity

After 5 months crucial for police / AG to issue statement on investigations to uphold rule of law, dispel negative perception about delay in concluding case

“I hope either IGP / AG or both would soon issue official statement

Haniff said this in lengthy post on Facebook
He also included findings which confirmed authenticity of video

Haniff not the 1st of Dr M advisers to take interest in case June, Kadir Jasin gave instances of ministers resigning over controversies.

My comments : This is really the end of Azmin.

I believe the official “legal advisor” to the Prime Minister shall be the Attorney General. So this means Hanif Khatri is the “personal” legal advisor to Tun Dr Mahathir. Indeed Hanif has been Dr Mahathir’s personal legal advisor and legal counsel for some time – from before Dr Mahathir became the Prime Minister No. 7.

So what is Dr Mahathir’s personal “legal advisor” doing raising an issue that is clearly an official matter?

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Where or what is Hanif Khatri’s locus standii?

Secondly any legal advisor – whether “personal” or “official” will never issue any statement of this type WITHOUT the approval, direction or consent of his boss which in this case is Tun Dr Mahathir.

I think Azmin is being liwatted.

Azmin is history.

Now here is the other half of the story :

Group of BN MPs meeting tonite (Mon 18th Nov. 2019) at Azmin’s home to thwart moves to force departure of Dr Mahathir

Gathering attended by Hishamuddin Hussein, about 24 others from BN according to sources close to FMT

Hishamuddin linked to formation of new govt through realignment of political forces PH critics termed “govt by back door”

Gathering part of behind-scenes struggle between Azmin / AnwarZuraida among those seen leaving Azmin’s house media camped outside Azmin’s home

After Tg Piai loss flurry of commentators calling for Dr M to make way

Azmin urging Dr M to remain at helm through five-year mandate

Pressure on Dr M stepped up immediately after Tanjung Piai loss flurry of commentators laying blame for defeat squarely on Dr M’s lap

FMT is seeking confirmation and further information from Azmin’s camp.

My comments : Reading the statement by Tun Dr Mahathir’s “legal advisor” (whether personal or ‘official’) calling for the IGP and/or the AG to issue an official update on the investigations into that homosexual sex tape – the immediate question that pops up is the timing.

Why suddenly raise this question now, when Azmin, Hishamuddin, 24 BN MPs, more UMNO MPs, half of PKR MPs etc are engaged in discussing a “realignment of political forces” ?

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Is this a bargaining chip? In whose favour?

Is it a reminder to Azmin that he walks free at the pleasure and leisure of others ?

The political observers say Azmin will never make it to any higher spot in politics.

This is it. Not only did he “blow” his chances (quite literally) but worse than that the brother is an incompetent Minister.

This you can ask Kadir Jasin to confirm.

So the next Prime Minister (No. 8 the lucky number) is going to be Hishamuddin Hussein Onn

If so congratulations bro.
Heavy is the head that wears the crown.
Heavier still are the hands that support it.
If the hands get tired or let go to grab something else . .

Source : Syed Akbar Ali

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