Hishamuddin Spending RM20,000 per month For each of the 40 Divisional Head & RM30,000 per month for UMNO 30 MPs – To Support Tun M

A call received from a PWTC-based person on Saturday morning tipped-off that Dato Lokman Noor Adam lodged a formal complaint to the UMNO’s Supreme Council and Disciplinary Board against Dato Hishamuddin Hussein Onn.

It was about time as few other parties are heard preparing similar complains. Disciplinary Board Chairman was reported in early November confirming investigations done on Hishamuddin and the complaint is the formality required to proceed.

Anger have been mounting for this blatant disregard for party leadership and betrayal on the party by Hishamuddin that was left unaddressed.

Dato Zahid Hamidi received the brunt of the fury following announcement to support Tun Dr Mahathir to finish his term as Prime Minister by 6 UMNO members of Parliament known to be close allies of Hishamuddin.

Their action ignored an announced Supreme Council decision to only allow authorised members to undertake any political negotiation with other political parties.

When Zahid mentioned in his speech at the UMNO Federal Territory convention of taking actions against sabotageurs and announced empowering Dato Johari Gani to take action against two leaders from Segambut and Titiwangsa divisions, it was not received well by UMNO supporters on social media.

Unless he gets Hishamuddin’s hide, supporters were sceptical of Zahid’s resolve to address the problems of turncoats and sabotageurs within the party. His warning was brushed off as typical political theatrics.

The complain will eventually prove Zahid is serious. Like his previous move to collaborate with PAS, he is stealth and patient in his political moves.

This time a suspended Hishamuddin could upset Mahathir’s move to stay in power and forcing him to resign.

Hand behind

Hishamuddin’s hand to encourage, convince and even coerce UMNO MPs to join PPBM is no more done hush hush but openly. He acknowledged meeting Mahathir in September last year and it is an open secret that such meeting is a regular affair since.

Recently, a government source revealed Hishamuddin was instrumental to convince Mas Ermieyati, one of the early UMNO MPs to leave BN to change her mind from moving to PKR to instead move to PPBM.

Though Hishamuddin denied last year, Sabah UMNO Deputy Liaison Chief, Datok Yakub Khan revealed him as the hands behind the mass movement of UMNO Sabah MPs, State Assemblymen and leaders to PPBM last year. Yakub has long been known as Hishamuddin man.

Khairy Jamaluddin hinted in December last year of an aristocrat MP as the hands behind the move.

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By January 2019, a wave of enam jahanam MPs left UMNO for PPBM led by Dato Hamzah Zainuddin, the Organising Chairman of the failed and controversial political exercise Kongres Maruah Melayu.

The subsequent plan was believed to be a second wave of 16 MPs and the finale to be the remaining MPs with Hishamuddin together.

However, the plan was temporarily abandoned following talk of a formal collaboration between UMNO and PAS, which culminated in the Himpunan Perpaduan Ummah on September 6th and a Piagam Muafakat Nasional signed.

It was seen as positive for BN and the MPs were reluctant to crossover. Lawsuit made against several crossed over MPs by UMNO as represented by the Chairman of the Disciplinary Board, Tan Sri Apandi Ali may have contributed to change their mind.

It was the commitment expressed by PAS Secretary General, Dato Takiyuddin Hasan in Parliament for all 18 PAS MPs to support Mahathir to finish his term that led to the six UMNO MPs to immediately gave a press statement to support the same.

PAS has its legitimate reasons to take such stance, but UMNO MPs should not make such decision without party leadership clearance. It is insubordination!

All the UMNO MPs have been seen in a picture uploaded on Hishamuddin’s Instagram in a meeting at his office.

Hishamuddin claimed privately to have 30 MPs in his pocket and few of the MPs admitted to a source as being on Hishamuddin payroll and receiving RM30,000 per month.

The 30 MPs means all the UMNO MPs, excluding Mahathir’s blacklist are bought by Hishamuddin. Whether all the 30 MPs will commit to abandon the party has yet to be known.

Though seen cosying up in the company of Najib, and Zahid at the Tanjong Piai by-election, Hishamuddin is throwing them under the bus for his selfish need to save himself.

So happenned, the complainant, Lokman Noor Adam is a staunch supporter of Najib, the “cousin brother” he once beloved, revered and frequently threw his name. The same modus operandi of Hishamuddin is still at work, but this time, it is Mahathir’s name being sold to encourage, convince, and even coerce UMNO MPs.

In addition to throwing Mahathir’s name, the threat of AMLA is also frequently used. In certain cases, it is suspiciously possible that Hishamuddin himself leaked information on the wrongdoing of his more stubborn men to Mahathir and received “friendly” calls to pay MACC a visit.

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It served to save himself from further investigation by MACC and being charged by the AG Office. Unfortunately, it is the same threat on Hishamuddin.

Patriot President, Brig Gen (R) Datuk Mohamed Arshad Raji raised issue on the status of investigation on the questionable procurement of six helicopters purchased under Hishamuddin. Talk is he had used one of his special officer as proxy, but left him in the lurch for fear of being implicated.

Dato Ezam Md Nor questioned PDRM and MACC for their in action and special treatment to Hishamuddin and Azmin. The helicopter case is not the only known deal within the political circle to be linked to Hishamuddin .

New coalition

Prior to the announcement of support by the six MPs, Hishamuddin was seen doing a media campaign for the creation of the new coalition. His views and articles are seen in several newspapers.

In the Malay vernacular paper, he talked about Malay unity. Its the same political tagline used since entering politics that it is more a cliche than serious intention.

That attracted sufficient curiosity for opposition MP to raise question on the power transition in Parliament.

Dato Shahidan Kassim raised the question to Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim himself. Anwar revealed in Parliament of Hishamuddin as the culprit behind a move to create a new ruling coalition without DAP and Amanah.

It was followed with statements by all PH parties Secretary General.

That revelation temporarily blunted Hishamuddin’s move as it sparked widespread criticism from DAP, PKR and Amanah and he had to move on to other planned option.

A video that went viral showed Anwar requesting Hishamuddin to not interfere with his ascension and revealed Hishamuddin’s aspiration to be appointed Deputy Prime Minister.

It was subsequently denial by Dato Abdul Kadir Jasin and it basically decimated any chance for Hishamuddin to return to government.

Kadir’s statement could possibly be Mahathir abandoning Hishamuddin for being sloppy to get exposed by Anwar and also failure of Hamzah Zainuddin’s Kongres. Mahathir’s inner circle are also saying Hishamuddin failed.

It is known from a Mahathir family member that the old man once said Hishamuddin could never make PM. Azmin’s similar orientation to Anwar would unlikely be acceptable to Mahathir anymore. Mukhriz is just plain blur and continued to need hand holding from Mahathir.

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If Mahathir still resisted being forced to pass on power to Anwar and could still pull a rabbit out of a hat, his choice for successor could likely be Tan Sri Muhyiddin. Talk is Muhyiddin made it known to a Hishamuddin lobbyist seeking support from him at a surau in a posh shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur.

Muhyiddin acknowledged the existence of an agreement for the power transition and made known that he was a signatory. It may look as though he is dumping Mahathir. He had expressed disgust to Mahatbir’s ungentlemenly and dishonourable conduct privately.

On the other hand, Muhyiddin could be bringing down the temperature for PPBM to focus on the Tg Piai by-election.

As expected, Hishamuddin denied Anwar’s accusation. And, also as expected, Mahathir denied of any plans with Hishamuddin.

He said any transfer of power cannot be to an opposition leader and acknowledged his position is determined by the PH’s Presidential Council. They will meet on November 5th on Tuesday.

In the meanwhile, Lokman put pressure on Mahathir with a statement that exposed as Mahathir having only 48 MPs and Anwar made the numbers with 113 MPs. That brought the Hishamuddin team to counterspin a claim Mahathir’s side has 100 MPs and 12 more to go with GPS Sarawak having 18 MPs and Warisan Sabah has 9 MPs. PH government is waiting to collapse.

Zahid made a tongue and cheek claim to have 91 MPs. His and all the claims may have its flaws but it is him sending the message to not ignore UMNO.

In the thick of the speculation and number counting, Hishamuddin denied he is jumping party.

For his all out effort to have offices in Ampang, a training centre at Flamingo Hotel for Puteri and Pemuda UMNO supporters, spending RM20,000 per month for each of the 40 Divisional Head in his payroll and RM30,000 per month for the claimed 30 MPs supporting him, one could then assume one of his fluid options is to take on Zahid for the UMNO Presidency next year.

A Hishamuddin Presidency could mean the end of the lifelong 60 years dream for Malay unity of UMNO and PAS together.

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