Hong Kong Beauty Pageant Queen Join #MeToo Movement, Claiming Sexual Assault When She Was 17 - The Coverage

Hong Kong Beauty Pageant Queen Join #MeToo Movement, Claiming Sexual Assault When She Was 17


If you haven’t tuned into Hollywood news for the past two months, you must have missed the biggest Hollywood issue in recent years—the horrendous sexual assaults Harvey Weinstein had committed to over 80 actresses!

Big names like Angelina Jolie, Cara Delevingne, Eva Green, Lena Headey (Cersei in Game of Thrones)… had all came out to share their sexual assault stories. The news spread like wildfire under the hashtag #MeToo, and now it has gone beyond show business and the United States.

louisa mak facebook
Source: Facebook

Among them, Hong Kong former beauty pageant queen and Cambridge law graduate had joined in the #MeToo movement. The Miss Hong Kong of 2015, Louisa Mak, had used Facebook to share her experience and advice on December 3.

“I believe a lot of girls have been subjected to sexual assault, I am no exception and it has happened to me more than once.”

She told Apple Daily that the incident first happened when she was 17 or 18-year-old where she was sent to China as a part of a delegation. Louisa did not elaborate how it happened or who had done it to her but she added that the city’s courts could not intervene at the time because they have no jurisdiction over matters happened in the mainland.

louisa mak instagram
Source: Instagram

However, she encouraged women to be cautious when confronting a sexual assault. The Cambridge law graduate said: “I believe the law is the fairest method of adjudication. There is no perfect system for perpetrators, but there are more procedural safeguards in place compared to the internet, and the court system gives everyone the opportunity to be heard.”

She adviced women to better prepare themselves if they decide to take sexual assault claim to the court, such as saving text messages as circumstantial evidence.

She also encouraged women to take up martial arts to fend off predators. She said women do not necessarily have to overpower men and defeat them but merely create an opportunity to run away. Which is why she started learning Jiujitsu a few months ago.

louisa miss hong kong
Source: YouTube

Louisa was crowned Miss Hong Kong when she was 23, where she was commended for her beauty and brain. She was an all-time straight-A student who one time wanted to become Hong Kong’s chief executive.

After winning the crown, she started acting. Notably, acted in L For Love, L For Lies Too and recently dubbed The Emoji Movie in Cantonese.

queen of hurdles Lui Lai-yiu
Source: Coconut

A week before Louisa’s post, Hong Kong’s queen of hurdles Lui Lai-yiu used Facebook to accuse her former coach of sexual assault.

Since then, over 70 Hong Kong athletes signed a petition to urge authorities to better protect the safety of athletes from sexual assault.

The petition statement demands investigation into the accused sexual assault and constitutes clear guidelines for coaches and staff such as “avoiding unnecessary physical contact between athletes and coaches.”

Athletes that joined in the petition include Olympics 2012 cycling bronze winner Lee Wai Sze and Yu Chui Yee, the gold, silver and bronze winner of wheelchair fencing.

Source: Coconut; Cover photo: ahmike

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