HONG KONG: Naked Man Shamelessly Talking To His Phone In Train - The Coverage

HONG KONG: Naked Man Shamelessly Talking To His Phone In Train

I know the weather is hot like in an oven. But, DUDE, can you please at least wear an underwear or short pants? 

According to a post that has been virally shared on Facebook, an adult man was nakedly waiting for the commuter train and shamelessly showing all his private parts in public. As it was the peak hours, passengers in the railway station just can’t get their eyes off from this naked man.

Apparently, this incident happened on the commuter train yesterday(26th July) in Hong Kong. The naked man even shamelessly told the commuter train staff who tried to convince him, that he need neither to get out from the train nor wear on a pant. Then he continued to talk to his phone as if like he doesn’t care about how the public looking at him.


However, the naked man looks normal and conscious about what was he doing on the train. Netizen commented that he probably was playing the “truth-or-dare” game with his friends where his friends dared him to do so.

As for now, there is no further updates about this naked man.

Source: Facebook

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