24-Year-Old Girl Forced To Amputate Leg After Being Bridesmaid For Two Weddings - The Coverage

24-Year-Old Girl Forced To Amputate Leg After Being Bridesmaid For Two Weddings

We know that being a bridesmaid isn’t easy as it is tiring when you have to stand almost the entire ceremony and you have to assist the bride in everything she does.

This young lady from Wenzhou, Sichuan in China recently had to amputate her leg after she attended weddings for two days straight and felt unwell.

24-year-old Min Wenqing had been the bridesmaid for the wedding ceremonies and on the second day when she felt ill, like a cold. She brushed it off thinking that she was tired from the festivities and felt unwell due to insufficient rest.

Source: China Press

Min’s family members found her in a state of shock on her bed for more than 10 minutes on the second day of the wedding ceremony. She visited one of the doctors in her village but she was just given medicine for her cold as there were no other noticeable symptoms.

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However, her condition worsened the following day even after she took the medicine. This time, she experienced severe vomiting and her family sent her to a nearby hospital for treatment as they are getting worried. The doctors there diagnosed her with nine medical conditions, which include fulminant myocarditis, sepsis, intestinal infection, and multiple organ dysfunctions.

Min suddenly went into cardiac arrest for 15 minutes at the hospital and the medical staff scrambled to save her life.

Source: China Press

Thankfully, the medical staff managed to revive her and saved her life, however, her condition continued to deteriorate.

Min was then transferred to another hospital for further treatment and the doctors there discovered that she had contracted a severe infection in her right leg. The bacteria from the infection had entered through ischemic necrosis on her right lower limbs and has put her life in danger.

After much careful consultation, the doctors decided that the best course of action is to amputate her right calf so that they could save her life. The operation was subsequently carried out and her condition has stabilized and no other new infections have occurred.

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Source: China Press

Unfortunately, it was not mentioned how she got the infection in the first place.

We pray for her speedy recovery and that the others would be more alert to their own health, and to get check-ups every time you notice something unnatural about your body.

What are your thoughts on this?

(Source: WOB / China Press)

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