Brazilian Model Insures Her 110cm Booty for RM1.2 Million After Getting Groped on Live TV - The Coverage

Brazilian Model Insures Her 110cm Booty for RM1.2 Million After Getting Groped on Live TV

Rayssa Teixeiro Melo insurance on butt

David Beckham has a US$195 million of insurance on his legs, feet, and toes; Jennifer Lopez has a US$27 million of insurance on her butt.

Many celebrities and models insured their body because they rely on them for livelihood. This is no different with a Brazilian model who insured her booty after getting groped on live TV in February.

 Rayssa Teixeiro Melo

Other than modeling, Rayssa Teixeiro Melo is also a dancer and a YouTube star. She has a whopping 430,000 followers on Instagram as well.

Rayssa is proud of her voluptuous figure as you can see that she always flaunts her 110cm booty in her Instagram pictures.

Rayssa Teixeiro Melo  Rayssa Teixeiro Melo

She uses her curvy body to model for bikinis, cosmetics and fitness products. Therefore, she felt the need to protect her booty for RM 1.2 million from any accident or defilement that may befall on her perfect bottom juggs.

Rayssa Teixeiro Melo

“I have to protect my assets, they are 110 cm after all,” she told Brazilian publication O Dia in an interview.

One of the main reasons she signed on an insurance came from her experience on live TV where she modeled for a sunscreen product in an infomercial segment.

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Rayssa Teixeiro Melo TV show

Wearing bikini that covered only her privates, the show’s ‘health expert’ demonstrated the product and applied the sunscreen on Rayssa’s body with his hand.

As the ‘health expert’ explained the benefit of the product while his hand continued to work on her body, his hand was seen to wander off to Rayssa’s butt.

Rayssa Teixeiro Melo TV show

Understandingly, Rayssa grabbed his wrist and said ‘no, that’s my bottom.’

He apologized and continued the demonstration. As you thought it was an honest mistake, the ‘health expert’ rubbed his hand on her butt again!

Rayssa Teixeiro Melo TV show
Source: YouTubeshockmansion

Outraged, Rayssa slapped the man without hesitation and pushed him away.

It was later revealed that the show was pulling a prank on her. But clearly, no one saw the funny side out of the atmosphere and method of treatment.

Netizens were quick to praise Rayssa’s bold action to slap a man even on television. She even threw the bottle of sunscreen back at the ‘health expert’.

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You can watch the video of the incident here.

What do you think of this? Would you buy a bizarre insurance plan to protect a part of your body? Tell us in the comment below.

Photo source: Instagram; news source: dailymail

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