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China Airport Staff Abused 11-Month-Old Golden Retriever, Owner Demands Answers!!

I for one, cannot stand animal abusers and I can literally shed tears just by listening to stories of furry friends getting abused. Even during traveling with your furbabies, you must take extra, and I mean EXTRA precaution on who you leave your furbaby(s) with.

If it is even possible, get insurance for them before flying off just to be on the safe side. Just recently, the owner of a golden retriever was shocked to find his dog abused with severe injuries by the staff at Tianhe International Airport in Hubei’s capital of Wuhan.

The 11-month-old pooch, identified as Er Mao sustained severe injuries to its eyes and body after being handled by airport staff. After consulting with the veterinarians he took it to Weibo and made a complaint to demand answers from those responsible for the attack.

After landing, the owner was informed that his golden retriever had reportedly broken out of its cage in the cargo hold of the China Eastern Airlines flight from Shanghai, but what boggles our mind is how did the dog actually managed to escape in the first place. The cage looked well secured and there is no way a cage meant to hold a large breed dog can break open so easily.

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The owner waited two hours before his dog was finally returned to him. Upon seeing his furry buddy, he was horrified. In those few hours, the dog had been badly injured and was covers in gruesome bruises and cuts, not to mention blood as well. The owner said he believes excessive force was used to catch the animal, we believe so too! What aggravates the internet is that the airport staff did not apologise to him!

“My golden retriever, flying with me, landed at [Wuhan] Tianhe airport and was severely assaulted. I wish China Eastern Airlines and Tianhe Airport would give me a reasonable explanation and stop shifting responsibility.”

The owner rushed his dog to the vet where it was discovered that the animal had been abused and shot with a dart gun, and because of the injuries it may lose its sight!

His post on Weibo demanding a reasonable explanation for what happened to his dog and questioning how his dog was able to escape from its cage garnered more than 130.000 shares and thousands of comments with most netizens calling on the airport and airline to make amends and provide compensation, at least pay the medical bill!

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According to Shanghaiist, the Wuhan Tianhe International Airport has since responded to the incident on its official Weibo account saying that its workers had done nothing wrong, the dog was caught and restrained under its emergency response measures.

“In order to prevent the dog from running loose on airport runways or car parks, which could result in severe casualties, airport employees carried out restraining measures based on aviation laws and regulations.”

WHAT KIND OF ANSWER IS THIS? The Airport still failed to answer how did the dog escape! Don’t tell me they purposely abuse the dog! These people need to be apprehended and get what they deserve!

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