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China Woman Who Dyes Her Hair Every Month For 10 Years Now Suffers Chronic Liver Damage

For women, beauty is extremely important and dyeing our hair has become the norm for many of us. There are many reasons why we dye our hair, some people want to cover up some grey hairs of just to change their look every once in a while.

While the outcome is beautiful, we should allow our hair and body some time to recuperate and not overdo it!

Source: Sina News

Sadly, this woman in Harbin, China, had to learn it the hard way that it is bad to dye your hair back to back without giving it a rest.

According to Sina News, the woman, surnamed Chen, had discovered that she had grey hairs about 10 years ago and decided to cover them up by dyeing her hair. However, since her hair grows fast, she has to touch it up every month.

Chen explained that in less than a month, the grey hairs would be noticeable again, especially on the side of her head making her look old and tired, so she had a monthly appointment at the hair salon to touch up her grey hairs.

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It is reported that Chen visits the hair salon every month to dye her hair over the course of 10 years, however, two months ago, she began to experience health problems.

One night when Chen went up to bed, she found herself breathless and tired but thought nothing of it. However, her husband was shocked to see that Chen’s skin had turned yellow and when she opened her eyes, the whites of her eyes were also yellowish.

She was then rushed to the hospital where the doctors ran a series of tests on her and found that she had more than 10 times the level of bilirubin in her body. Bilirubin is usually noticeable in cases like jaundice, anemia, and liver disease and is an orange-yellow pigment that occurs normally when part of your red blood cells break down.

The doctor tried to find the cause of cirrhosis as Chen was already in the advanced stage of liver damage but found that she did not ingest any drugs that would have caused it.

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After much investigation, they determined that it was her consistent hair dyeing that caused chemical damage to her liver.

According to sources, Chen had to undergo over 20 days of treatment in the hospital. Thankfully, she gradually got better, however, her liver was irreversibly damaged.

Source: Story Blocks

The doctor noted that the chemicals in most hair dyes are absorbed by the skin and metabolized by the liver.

In Chen’s case, her liver was working overtime to break down the chemicals as she frequently dyed her hair. He suggested members of the public use plant-based hair dyes and added that the intervals between hair dyeing should be about six months.

So keep this in mind the next time you plan to dye your hair, it’s for your own good! We also pray for Chen’s speedy recovery!

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(Source: WOB / Sina News)

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