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Dog Immediately Euthanized After Rescued From Drain, Owner Seeks Justice From Kuala Pilah District Council

Dog owners in Malaysia have it tough, they need to register and renew their license every year, different areas and districts have different councils they have to go to. Not to mention some places takes a long time to process your request. But once you obtain the license, it’s rather easy to renew it every year.

The license tags are to be hung on the dog’s collar, it proves that the canine belongs to someone and that they’re not a threat to the public! However, dogs who have owners but do not have a license are subjected to be captured or euthanized if they pose a threat.

Source: Vet Street

Earlier today, Lily Devan shared her devastating encounter on Facebook when her dog got stuck in a drain. She contacted the Fire and Rescue Department for help but for some reason, they’re unable to assist and suggested her to contact the Kuala Pilah District Council (Majlis Daerah Kuala Pilah).

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After the council officers rescued the pup from the drain, they immediately killed the dog on the spot despite having Lily’s whole family claiming the dog belongs to them.

Source: Facebook

The main reason being that the canine did not have a collar nor a license tag on it. According to Lily, her dog’s collar had fallen out before it got stuck in the drain, however, the men ignored the cries from the family and continued with the euthanasia.

Lily now wants to seek justice from the council for the cruel act of the officer who euthanized her dog in front of her. She hopes netizens can spread the word around.

Source: Facebook

The only thing I can’t accept is that the officers deliberately ignore Lily’s claims! The poor dog didn’t do anything wrong, it only got stuck in the drain, even if it was attacking or snapping, it is because the canine is afraid.

Source: Facebook

It is an animal’s nature to defend themselves, we defend ourselves behind something impenetrable, but they defend themselves by showing a more aggressive expression or they try to make their size larger to intimidate the threat.

People like these officers have no heart to understand animals and they think whatever they do is right, let us join our hands together and fight for animal rights! 

What’s your take on this?

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  1. Daniel John Chadwick

    October 10, 2017 at 18:24

    they kill dogs all day so they have lost their feelings so that they can do their job ~
    I bet even they found it tough to get their head round at first ,
    if a whole family is asking to save their dog
    these men should listen
    and not ignore them
    as they are the customer that rang up in the first place
    and the customer should always get what the customer wants ,
    not what a bunch of feelingless men want

  2. mohd safian

    October 15, 2017 at 17:20

    imagine if thats a cat,,will they killed it?
    today human is more like babarian towards animal
    soon will do this towards different
    they do not bother about a life,soon to human life too
    do god creates animal for them to hates and kill?
    if do,,why created it..and why creates these babarian mind…
    they better wear a leaf below and walk around,do not deserve to wear cloth

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