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Family Dog Suspected To Be The Killer Of 8-Year-Old Indonesian Girl

A family dog is the main suspect in the death of 8-year-old Ramisya Bazighah, who was found lying in her house’s front yard in Lowokwaru in Malang, East Java with a severe wound to her neck.

Ramisya was adopted by the family when she was two years old, according to the family’s neighbors, the family adopted the pit bull from a dog pound to protect their house from theft as they have been burglarized before.

Neighborhood unit (RT) head Titin Utamingsih said that Ramisya had been looked after by her grandmother.

“When her grandmother was praying, she heard the girl screaming from the front yard where the dog’s cage was located.”

According to the initial investigation, the police believed that the pit bull was out of its cage, though still chained and asleep, right before the attack. They say it’s likely that the girl dropped her doll near the dog, which startled it and caused it to attack the girl when she got near.

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Upon hearing the scream, the grandmother rushed over and discovered the girl lying motionless, she screamed for help and neighbors came.

Lowokwaru District Police Chief Bindriyo said,

“There is a wound on (the victim’s) neck, because of a dog bite.”

The 4-year-old pit bull has been taken into custody, and it was later sent to a pit bull lovers community who would temporarily take care of the animal. Adj. First Insp. Imam Muhson Ridho, the head Malang Police’s K-9 police dog unit said,

“When I found the dog, it was in good condition and seemed to be well trained.”

An autopsy on the victim is ongoing as a part of the investigation.

(Source: The Star / Coconuts)

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