[UPDATE] Fatal Accident Caused A Massive Traffic Crawl In Puchong - The Coverage

[UPDATE] Fatal Accident Caused A Massive Traffic Crawl In Puchong


Police have identified the man who was killed in the car crash. 28-year-old Lim Ji Qin was riding as a passenger in the car that collided with a lorry at around 6.40 am on Wednesday morning, September 13.

The driver of the car was injured while the lorry driver was reported unhurt.

Puchong OCPD Asst Comm Megat Mohamad Aminuddin Megat Alias said the car was traveling on the left-most lane of the highway heading to Puchong when it crashed into the back of the lorry.

The collision caused the car and the lorry to crash into the left and right shoulders of the highway respectively.

The case is being investigated for causing death by reckless of dangerous driving.


A solemn mood clouds over Puchong early this morning, when a fatal accident took place in front of Tesco Puchong (opposite Setia Walk), causing a massive traffic crawl for those exiting Puchong.

A white Volkswagen car and lorry were involved in the crash. The car was terribly wrecked and by the looks of the damage, it seems like the car collided with the rear end of the lorry.

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A Chinese male believed to have flown out from the car died on the scene as he had his head mauled by tires.

We believed that the lorry driver and possibly passenger survived the accident, as there are two men sitting on the road divider.

The accident was so bad that you could see inner parts of the Volkswagen scattered on the road behind the lorry.

Even a foreign brand car could be crushed to this extent, one could only wonder what could happen to a local car.

Firefighters are even captured on scene picking up the remains of the deceased.

Seems like they’re towing the lorry using it to also transport the inner parts of the car away from the heavily congested road.

A video of the scene was also uploaded after the body of the deceased has been brought to the hospital for post mortem.


This also serves as a reminder to always fasten your seat belt when in the car, regardless of how long your journey is, you never know when you’ll need it to save your life!

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Although the identity of the deceased has not been revealed, we would still like to extend our deepest condolences to the family of the deceased, may our prayers be with you and that you may find solace in his passing. All of you are in our thoughts through this hard time. Rest in peace.

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