[HORROR VIDEOS] Is KLIA Becoming A Hot Spot For Spiritual Possessions?! - The Coverage

[HORROR VIDEOS] Is KLIA Becoming A Hot Spot For Spiritual Possessions?!

OMG!!! Some staffs in KLIA were possessed by spirits!! This is so creepy and has definitely made all my bodily hair to stand!

Just yesterday a Facebook user, Zack Rstar, shared 3 spine-chilling videos of staffs in the Kuala Lumpur International Airport that seems to be acting very weirdly. All of them were seen laughing in a superbly eerie way!


Other staffs were seen helping the ladies that got “chosen” by the spirits while some were seen laughing at the whole ordeal. According to some people that have experienced it, this process is actually very painful for the “host”. Some feel like their whole body is burning while others felt like their limbs were being stretched apart. Yikes!

Oh! By the way, there was no mention of when exactly this incidents happened, but in one of the comment section, it seems like a staff from KLIA itself said that incidents like this did happen before.

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Honestly, there are spirits and ghosts lingering around us almost every moment (of course, if you believe that they exist in the first place la). Like, you can’t see it, but probably it’s sitting in front of you and is staring right at you. Hey, I’m not making up any of this. These are the claims of normal people just like you and me that have their 3rd eye opened.

Anyways, brace yourself and don’t wear earphones (if possible) when watching these videos!

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