Husband Brutally Beats Up Wife Under False Allegation Of Committing Adultery - The Coverage

Husband Brutally Beats Up Wife Under False Allegation Of Committing Adultery

Guys, raising your hand(s) at your spouse regardless if it’s your wife or husband is lawfully wrong. When your significant other is accused of cheating when in truth they did not is even more wrong!

This is exactly what happened to Tan Zhen Shan. Her parent(s) posted her experience on Facebook which garnered a lot of attention.

According to the post, Tan’s husband brutally beat her up under the pretext of her cheating. On top of the abuse, he also shaved her head bald!

He allegedly made a fake video of her committing adultery and even forced her to admit that it is genuine.

Despite having two beautiful children together, he still has the guts to beat the mother of his children up!

With over 500 shares on the post, netizens are furious about the man’s actions and want him to get arrested for putting his hands on Tan.

The authorities need to apprehend the man because he is a bad example to his kids, it’s commonly known that children learn from adults, so what if the kids grew up thinking it’s okay to abuse their spouse? 

What’s your take on this? Do you think this man should be arrested? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

(Source: Facebook)

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