Malaysian Hit and Run Driver Gangs Up Against Victim- Stabs Brother With Knife Went Viral - The Coverage

Malaysian Hit and Run Driver Gangs Up Against Victim- Stabs Brother With Knife Went Viral

While hit and run is fairly common on Malaysia road, but one with the fugitive turning back and stab the victim is really almost unheard of.

Earlier today, a Malaysian netizen shared a road rage attack incident which caused his brother to suffer a stabbing wound that required four threads of surgical sutures and many more physical wounds from punches. 

Jimmy Soo said the incident happened in Kuchai Avenue Serviced Apartments on Saturday (Feb 10) when he was waiting for his brother in his car who went down to buy some items. As he waited, a black Proton Saga emerged from the right and stretched the front of Jimmy’s car. 

Immediately, Jimmy honked at the car twice but the car didn’t stop. The Proton Saga began to speed off the scene.

“Right at that moment, my brother came out from one of the shops and we decided to chase down the car with the intention to reason with the driver,” said Jimmy on the viral Facebook post with over 10,000 of Shares at the time of writing.

Jimmy chased after the black sedan for about 400 metres until the fugitive was forced to stop at a traffic light junction. His brother then came down from the car to inspect the damage caused by the vehicle.

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“One of the passengers in the car in front came down from the back and walked towards the driver side of his car (seems like taking something from there) and start charging at my brother with a knife on his hand (as you can see in the video) without saying a word.”

“The rest of the people in that car came down right after but didn’t do anything to stop the attacker and I too rush out in attempt to stop the attack but to no avail.”

Jimmy said that his brother fell to the side of the road and got stabbed by the attacker. He also suffered blowing punches from the attacker while trying to mitigate the situation.

Three people got out from the black sedan and the driver was seen standing calmly in the video as he smoked his cigarette. The fourth person was seen getting out of the car towards the end of the 2 minutes and 23 seconds video.

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“He smashed my spectacle and causes the injuries shown.

“My brother got stabbed on the inner thighs by the attacker after the fall and later received four stitches in the hospital while receiving treatment.

Jimmy said they lodged a report at a nearby police station after the incident. He revealed the attackers’ vehicle car plate and hoped that people that have more information about the incident could come forward to help him in the case.

He advised netizens to be careful around the area and keep a lookout for these people as one of their attackers carried weapon.

You may watch the video of the incident here.

We wish Jimmy and his brother a speedy recovery and hope that the police can quickly arrest these road rage attackers! Hit and run is bad enough, assaulting the victims of the accident just made things worse. 

Share this with your friends and family and remind them to be careful! 

Source and photos: Facebook | Jimmy Soo

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