Malaysian Man Misses His Wife When They're Far Apart But When They're Close, It Turns Into Hate - Beware of Black Magic & Witchcraft! - The Coverage

Malaysian Man Misses His Wife When They’re Far Apart But When They’re Close, It Turns Into Hate – Beware of Black Magic & Witchcraft!

In this day and age, it come as no surprise that there are still some people practicing black magic for their own personal gains.

A netizen, Muhammad Hassan took to Facebook to share his friend’s encounter with witchcraft to the point he almost got a divorce with his wife.

Hassan decided to share this to the public for the sake of spreading awareness of black magic to married couples who are going through the same thing to seek help immediately.

Hassan’s friend is a university lecturer and was blessed with three beautiful kids. He used to be very loving and a perfect husband and father to his wife and kids. He was very far from an abusive husband, he wouldn’t even argue with his wife.

However, in last January, he was forced to be away from his wife. What’s more sadder is that his in-laws asked for a divorce. But if this is for the best for his wife, he would grant their wish.

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The cause of their fall in marriage is black magic. One day, his wife sent him a message, inviting him over for lunch, she cooked all of his favorite food, but when he got home and wanted to dig in, he saw that the food were filled with worms, and his wife’s face was old and reek of foul smell.

Hassan wrote in his post,

“I was shocked when he told me (while crying) that he saw the face of a dog on his wife.”

He even ‘seen’ his wife cheat on him with another man in the bedroom, but in truth, his wife was sleeping with the kids.

Things have gotten so bad that he started hearing whispers telling him to beat up his wife. That was when he started becoming an abusive husband. He often beat his wife that he had to be arrested.

When they’re far apart, he longs for his wife, but when he return home and look at his wife, he started to feel hate. This incident took place in 2014. He often dream of strange things and see things appear in the living room.

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He decided to undergo various treatments, medications, and even prayers, he practiced every night.

Finally, God revealed in his dream the face of the person who placed the black magic on him and his wife.

It is learned that their picture during the wedding ceremony was used to cast the spell for their break-up.

The Ustaz informed him that the black magic this person use is really strong that it made the man’s body as host. His entire body would heat up when the azan is being read or when he listens to verses in the Al Quran.

“What’s sad is that after seeing a blood test report from the hospital, he is diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. From a medical point of view, what happened to his marriage is related to health problems. But I did not deny the problem of the magic that made it necessary to undergo treatment for both of these problems.

“Shame on you to those who conspire with the devil to harm this happy family. Accept the painful punishment of Allah for those who practice sorcery.”

He end his post by reminding the public not to forget to practice the Al Baqarah 285-286 daily. Avoid uploading a full picture with your partner or displaying your selfies on any social site to avoid being exposed to black magic.

“Finally, do not accept anything that is strange to us from people we know or not. I hope this is useful for you.”

What are your thoughts on this? Share them with us in the comment section below.

(Source: Facebook / Oh My Media)

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  1. Anonymous

    October 25, 2018 at 12:53

    yep, blame it to those so called “black magic”…

  2. Stephen

    October 25, 2018 at 13:15

    Why did Allah reveal the bomoh which cast magic spell on him? He should deliver him from evil ones if he is powerful.

    I plead for the blood of Jesus and I rebuke you Satan and the evil that are with you Satan from harming him. You have no legal rights to take him. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

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