Man In China Dies Of Irregular Sleep Due To Late Nights Watching FIFA World Cup - The Coverage

Man In China Dies Of Irregular Sleep Due To Late Nights Watching FIFA World Cup

As we all know, the 2018 FIFA World Cup has just started about a week ago since June 14, and football fanatics all over the world are going crazy trying to catch up with the matches.

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Since the World Cup is set in Russia, this time around, people all over the world from different time zones will have to endure some late nights just to catch their team in action.

Pulling all-nighters or staying up late requires you to take good care of your health and if you’re one of these football fans who have to watch every match, make sure you look after your health.

Sadly, a 28-year-old man named Yang from Yiyang, Hunan in China died presumably due to the World Cup disrupting his normal sleep schedule.

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According to iFeng, Yang, who was a hardcore fan of football, never misses a single match and was excited for the World Cup this time. He would often stay up late just to catch a football match with a glass or two of ice-cold beer. It was no different this time for the 2018 World Cup as he also stayed up to watch the games.

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It is learned that he watched one of the matches until 3 am before going to bed and felt unwell the next morning. He reportedly took a half day leave and reported for work in the afternoon.

However, one hour after clocking in to work, Yang started to feel ill and fainted on the spot, much to the horror of his colleagues.

They tried to revive him but they were not able to do so while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. When the ambulance arrived, the paramedics gave him CPR and tried their best to revive Yang.

Unfortunately, their attempts were still unsuccessful and they had to declare him dead.

The director of the emergency department in Yiyang Medical College, Huang Wei said that the main cause of Yang’s death was because of his irregular sleep patterns recently as he had been staying up late to watch the World Cup matches. The doctor also pointed out that his habit of drinking beer was one of the causes as well.

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According to Huang, the number of patients in the hospital would usually increase by 20% during events such as the World Cup happening. He added that many people would fall sick during this period as they’d purposely stay up late to watch the matches on top of eating too much junk food. Hence, he advises football fans not to overdo it and to make sure to prioritize their health before anything else.

We know how important it is to watch all matches of World Cup for some of you, but please don’t neglect your health okay?

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