Nurse Found Dead After Allegedly Overworking For 13 Days Straight - The Coverage

Nurse Found Dead After Allegedly Overworking For 13 Days Straight

While working hard at your job promises you more income, you must never neglect rest! Your body needs that well deserved rest every day to help you go through the next day.

This is not the first time something like this has occurred, the lifeless body of a female nurse was recently discovered in her dorm room by her roommate.

According to sources. the deceased was a 38-year-old nurse practitioner who was attached to the Taipei Medical University and was believed to have been working for 13 days straight from November 3 to 15.

Source: ET Today

Apple Daily reported that the nurse was working night shifts and studied during the day so she hardly had any time to rest.

The hospital, on the other hand, said that she was following a normal schedule, which is in line with the regulations of one day off a week.

Based on her schedule, it appears that she did have three days off the week before her untimely death, however, it is learned that even on her days off, she had to go for her internship. Her schedule is hectic man, anyone would be exhausted.

Source: Apple Daily

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On the fateful day, November 26, was when her roommate found her motionless in her room. At the time of the discovery, her hands and feet had already turned black.

It is alleged that the cause of death was due to a heart attack, which might have been accelerated because she was slightly on the heavy side.

The hospital stood firm on their claims that she did not die because of overwork despite the fact that there have been cases of heart attack occurring due to overwork prior to her death.

Source: Udayavani

The deceased’s family reportedly wanted to keep the case low profile so the hospital have declined to give any further comment but said that they would offer full assistance to the family.

Regardless of anything, you should get some rest every single day, and by rest I don’t mean one or two hours, I mean at least 6 hours of rest! It is vital to give your body a break after the long hours at work!

What’s your take on this?

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(Source: Apple Daily / WOB)

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