Singapore Women Found Stray Cat With Cable Ties Wrapped Tightly Around Legs - The Coverage

Singapore Women Found Stray Cat With Cable Ties Wrapped Tightly Around Legs

This is so outrageous! Any form of animal abuse is unacceptable in every part of the world, well at least most parts of the world! Immobilizing animals for no good reason that may potentially harm them is abuse!

A heart-wrenching video was uploaded on Facebook yesterday, November 23, by a Singaporean woman, Salbiah Ishak, of a stray cat who was found with cable ties wrapped tightly around two of its legs in Jurong West.

Source: Facebook

The 30-year-old, who works as primary school teacher, told The Straits Times that she had been returning home with her friend and fellow teacher Rashal Sabeh, 27, when they heard a cat ‘crying in distress’.

“We thought it was cats mating at first, but it sounded a bit different from the regular mating sound, so we investigated and found the cat around the corner of the block where I lived.”

The cat was found motionless and crying at the foot of Block 698A, Jurong West Central 3, around 6 pm.

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Source: Facebook

According to Salbiah, the cat, who is a stray has been around the area for about eight months since she moved into the new Jurong West Blossom estate more than a year ago, and the cat was very friendly with humans.

The two friends found cable ties on the cat’s right front leg and right back leg.

“Its legs were tied really tightly, it was crying and it wasn’t moving.”

Her friend, Rashal tried to calm the feline while Salbiah went home to fetch a pair of scissors. Lucky for a duo, a passer-by stopped to help. The three worked together and finally managed to set the cat free after assessing its well-being.

Source: Facebook

Both friends did not make a police report nor did they report to the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA).

Laura Ann Meranda, executive director of Cat Welfare Society (CWS) told The Straits Times that CWS is looking into the matter and has informed AVA about it.

“Our community cats depend on the vigilance of the people around them to save them from danger. We thank these residents for their quick action and reporting to authorities. We hope investigations will bring these vulnerable cats justice.”

Source: Facebook

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Netizens were furious and condemned the actions of the perpetrator. While AVA is working on the case members of the public who have information on this case – such as photographic or video evidence – are urged to contact AVA at 1800-476-1600.

Don’t worry, all information provided to the AVA will be kept in strict confidence. 

The poor cat has never done anything wrong, why would you torture it?

Watch the heart-wrenching video below and share your thought on this!


(Source: Facebook / The Straits Times)

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