Three Toddlers Drown To Death While Playing Near A Pool Of Water - The Coverage

Three Toddlers Drown To Death While Playing Near A Pool Of Water

This is the main reason why parents and guardians should never leave children unsupervised. Children know no fear, they are not afraid of bugs, not afraid of heights, not afraid of anything until the experienced it for themselves.

When they’re out to play with other kids around their age, they are bound to fall down easily since their legs still can’t stabilize the body’s weight. It’s is just a fall on the butt, they can get up by themselves, but if the child falls on the head, then an adult should assist the kid! That’s the norm.

However, a CCTV surveillance footage showed three toddlers playing near what looks like a pond or a pool of water, unsupervised. The three were left alone with no adults around and they were throwing something that looked like slippers in the water before one of them actually tumbled and fell into the water.

The two other kids were stunned and looked on until one of them decide to get into the water as well. The third one just ‘walked’ into the water after he saw two of them in the body of water.

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The three children allegedly drown to death, until the end of the recorded clip, there was no one who came to assist the children!

Several netizens were blaming the ones recording the incident why did they not help the drowning children? The problem is, they did not realize that this was a recording of a recorded CCTV footage. The people just wanted to find out the cause of death.

How dense can some people be? Do you think that no one would help if they see a person drowning, let alone a child? But what puzzled me is that the picture uploaded on Facebook together with the video showed the children in different clothing, maybe they changed the clothes of the kids, but it just raises a little suspicion.

Rest in peace little ones, your time may be short, but your memories will forever be in your parents’ heart.

Watch the CCTV footage below, and share your thoughts with us.

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