[VIDEO] China Car Crash Footage Captured Passenger Flung Out Of Car's Rear Windscreen - The Coverage

[VIDEO] China Car Crash Footage Captured Passenger Flung Out Of Car’s Rear Windscreen

While we’re thankful for vehicles with dash cams capturing crimes for evidence, we are not so happy seeing scary footages of people getting into accidents. A recent dash cam footage surfaced the internet on July 2, showing a high-speed vehicular accident in China.

In the video, the car hit onto the road divider on the right side and started spinning vigorously. A passenger can be seen flying out of the rear windscreen and slipped under the guardrail on the opposite side of the road and into the bushes beside the road.

According to Mirror, the collision happened in the Chongqing municipality of southwestern China.

The vehicle eventually came to a stop nearby and incredibly none of the three people in the car suffered life-threatening injuries. The passenger who flew out of the car miraculously survived the horrific incident despite suffering several injuries.

The passenger who flung out from the car was later found by police officers and paramedics in terrible pain. But miraculously, he survived the horrific incident despite suffering several injuries – multiple broken bones.

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Meanwhile, the other passenger in the back seat, a woman, was discovered in the vehicle in a state of shock.

They were all taken to a nearby hospital to receive needed treatment.

Chongqing authorities confirmed that neither passenger in the back seat was wearing their seat belts as China made wearing seatbelts mandatory in the front and rear seats in 2004 but the law is widely ignored, especially by rear seat passengers.

Have a look at the footage and let us know what you think.

We pray for their speedy recovery!

(Source: Elite Reader / Mirror).







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