[VIDEO] Chinese Groom Dies After Wedding Door Games Gone Wrong - The Coverage

[VIDEO] Chinese Groom Dies After Wedding Door Games Gone Wrong

In Chinese communities, wedding door games is a must! It originates from ancient Chinese folk customs where the groom has to win the approval from the bride’s friends and family.

The ancient practices imply that a bride is a prized daughter and her family does not want to marry her off easily, only a man who managed to pass certain “test” (in today’s wedding, these are represented by the games) is worthy of her hand in marriage.

Common games include the consumption of unpleasant foods, answering questions pertaining the bride and groom’s relationship, and/or a performance of song and dance. Sometimes even the groom requires some assistance from his groomsmen.

However, over the years, these wedding door games have evolved into dangerous and difficult tasks for the groom and his groomsmen to overcome.

Some include dunking your foot into an ice bath to pick up coins or seeds! That’s really hard man, I’ve seen it right in front of my eyes before, it took three guys to get one coin out! Phew!

This time, I don’t know what were they thinking when they were planning these wedding door games.

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In a viral post on Facebook, a video showed seven men slamming the groom’s back onto a wooden stool. Who thought this was a good idea? With the force of seven men and body weight, the groom can easily break his back!

Right after they slammed him on the stool, the groom seems to be in extreme pain as the back of his head hit the ground when he landed on the stool, a loud thud could be heard from the video recording!

In a second video, the groom can be seen propped up on the stool leaning on another man’s legs, onlookers can be heard asking him to lay down. Probably they’re getting the paramedics?

In the third video, however, the man was laying on the floor motionless. You could easily say that the impact on his head caused his death. He could be suffering from internal bleeding from the brain, his skulled could’ve cracked open, we don’t know!

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Keep in mind that all of this happened before he could even go see his bride. What would she feel when she found out that her soon-to-be-husband is now dead.

It’s not that we’re asking the Chinese communities to get rid of their customs, but we’re hoping that you guys just take it slow and safe! Don’t ask these men to do dangerous stunts that may result in any form of injuries or worst, death.

Have a look at the videos below and share your thoughts with us.




Rest in peace groom, you’ll be missed. We would also like to extend our deepest condolences to the bride and family of the groom, may our prayers be with you.

(Source: Facebook)

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