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[VIDEO] A Family Of 6 Ran Over By A Four-Wheel-Drive In Asia, Only 1 Child Survived

A somber mood cloud over the internet as a CCTV footage goes viral recently of a four-wheel-drive vehicle plowing through a family of 6 leaving only a lone survivor – a child.

In the video, we can see that each parent (mother and father) are holding the hands of two children, and when the vehicle approached them from the back, 4 of them flew upon impact while the father was dragged for a distance until the vehicle came to a stop.

The little boy was thrown to the ground hard but he managed to pull himself up, and with his body language, you can tell that he was balling his eyes out and that he’s shocked and speechless of the incident.

In another video, the 4-WD driver can be seen kneeling down in front of a whole bunch of onlookers. Some netizens speculated that the driver was drunk when he plowed through the family.

Some also pointed out the regretful look the driver had on his face as he kneeled on the ground. The camera pans to the vehicle where a man can be seen stuck under a tire with blood splattered everywhere.

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Do you think the driver should be forgiven like some of the netizens suggested or do you think he should to take full responsibility and be put into jail and possibly on a death sentence as well?



As for me, I feel that regardless if he was driving under the influence or not, he did take 5 lives at one go, and whether he did it on purpose or not, he still needs to take responsibility as he ripped off the family from the little boy, poor little boy is an orphan now.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Eswarun

    October 24, 2017 at 07:01

    He must be executed as a lesson to other reckless drivers.

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