[HOT NEWS!] Japan AV Tokyo Dreams Are Allegedly Scouting For Potential Malaysian Male Actors!!!

Tokyo Dreams are looking for! BTW Tokyo Dreams is a JAV company if you were wondering. [caption id="attachment_71662" align="alignnone" width="332"] Wanna be like him? Shimiken is a famous (or at least his dick is) AV actor![/caption] It seems that the industry is currently facing a severe shortage of male actors hence why they have been seeking for those who have the potential to ‘perform’ at the director’s “Action!” call out! It was also reported that the company had already managed to recruit 5 Singaporean male actors out of the 25 auditioners. Why the small number, you ask? Well, it’s not like this kind of matter is legal, to begin with! You must be a real expert at picking up clues of where the audition is being held at, that were left by Tokyo Dreams team. Everything is done with great SECRECY! So, Malaysian men who are equally interested in the opportunity, you might want to turn on your ‘radars’ to pick up the signals the Tokyo Dreams will be dropping around. Because the only information that we have so far is that the auditions will be held somewhere in Kuala Lumpur from mid to late June. Come on guys, let’s show them how our Malaysian men do it! Do not be afraid of the excellent performance of the Singaporeans as claimed by Tokyo Dreams studio recruitment manager Shime Tashiaki.        

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1 Comment

  1. Cheeky

    May 2, 2020 at 03:22

    is fat banana sold in Malaysia? (YES) WASAP(+)601117227296

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