How The Kind Act Of One Policeman Touched The Heart Of Many Malaysians

The Coverage Bureau has quite recently come across a post on Facebook that is going more viral than the Bubonic plague since it was posted yesterday that has touched the deepest parts of the hearts of Malaysians. Facebook user Chris Prasad shared on Facebook the heartwarming incident he witnessed along Jalan Gasing.  Chris saw a young Malay traffic policeman get off his patrol bike, put on his white gloves, and stopped traffic on both sides of the forever busy Jalan Gasing main road. He did as such so an old Chinese man who was stuck on the other side of the road, could cross over and enter the St Francis Xavier church. As the old man hobbled across slowly across to the other side, the old man stopped halfway to give the policeman a quick hug. Instead of being annoyed at the traffic interruption, motorists honked and saluted the policeman as they drove by, commending his kind deed. [caption id="attachment_3069" align="aligncenter" width="497"]Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 11.01.55 AM The original post by Chris Prasad on his personal Facebook profile[/caption] The post has since amassed 5,000+ shares and has received a ton of positive feedback from the public who were equally touched by the policeman’s kind gesture. [caption id="attachment_3070" align="aligncenter" width="494"]Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 11.02.17 AM A few comments sourced from the post in question by Malaysians who were touched by the story[/caption] Small acts of kindness like these remind us that the world is not such a bad place to live in after all. It is also a comforting fact to see that members of the Malaysian Police Force are not the bribe-hungry, corrupt, cruel and title-abusing individuals the public stereotypes and perceives them to be.

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12238214_908150782571305_6147023285817115384_o The Coverage Bureau sends over their highest-of-fives and a standing ovation to the kind policeman from the story, whomever he may be. With that, we hope for all Malaysians to be as kind as they can be and that this short but sweet article, has cheered up your day. Featured Image by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas. Send us any news updates ( crime , scam , story , bullies , accident , community and etc ) , opinion and inquiries to our email –[email protected]

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