Hungry Flood Victims In Shah Alam Break Into KK Mart, 7-Eleven, Mydin Mart & Jimat Supermarket – Fighting To Get Free Bread

With several areas still inundated, authorities have confirmed several incidents of looting at convenience stores in Seksyen 15, Shah Alam earlier today.

Shah Alam police chief Assistant Commissioner Baharudin Mat Taib said the incidents allegedly took place between 1pm and 2pm today within the district of Sri Muda, one of the areas worst-hit by floods.

He named the premises broken into by looters as KK Mart, 7-Eleven, Mydin Mart and Jimat Supermarket.

“At present the situation is under control where Shah Alam police have deployed crime prevention elements and called in General Operations Force reinforcement to locations that have been identified to deter any form of looting,” he told reporters briefly.

When asked if the premises owners had lodged any reports, Baharudin said none had done so before urging relevant parties to do so immediately at any nearby police station.

On the estimated number of individuals involved, Baharudin said there were far too many perpetrators to provide a rough estimate.

The central states across peninsular Malaysia have been hit by torrential rain over the past few days that caused rivers to overflow their banks and flood several areas

This caused flooding, has displaced over 32,000 people and closed roads in Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Melaka, Negri Sembilan, Selangor, Perak and Kuala Lumpur since last Friday.

Tension ran high among frustrated Taman Sri Muda flood victims as they scurried for food at the temporary Flood Rescue and Operation centre at Persiaran Kemuning Prima here this morning.

Victims were seen pushing and pulling at one another to make sure they received their share of the food that is being distributed.

Many families whose houses were inundated with floodwater have been stuck at home without electricity and proper food since Saturday.

In one incident this morning, a man was seen losing his cool and shouting at victims before him, for taking more than one loaf of bread each, leaving none for him.

The man in his 50s who did not want to be named was heard shouting at those who queued before him for being inconsiderate.

“Don’t be selfish. Everyone else also needs to eat,” he was heard shouting before a few other residents calmed him down and took him out of the centre.

Later, when speaking to the NST, the man said his wife and grandchildren were waiting at home hungry.

“My neighbour told me they are giving groceries and bread at the command centre. When I got here I saw people rushing to get the free bread but everything was gone in less than five minutes,” he said.

He said that one of the residents had even brought his push-trolley to gather the free food and groceries distributed by NGO’s and generous individuals.

He said his wife and grandchildren were waiting for food, as all their household items and groceries were washed away with the floodwater yesterday.

Another resident, Mohd Ikmal Mohamed Kamal, 32, said he was disappointed with some of the residents who took advantage of people’s generosity.

“Many individuals, groups, political parties and NGO’s have been sending food items, cleaning supplies and even cooked meals for those affected but I noticed others from different places are also taking the items for themselves.

“It’s not my place to complain but the least they can do is prioritise the flood victims. If there is extra then go ahead give it to someone else,” he said.

Ikmal said almost three quarter of his house had been inundated by floodwater due to the continuous rain since Friday.

He managed to move most of his belongings to his renovated attic, where he had been also staying for the past few days.

“Thank god the rain has stopped and the water level is slowly subsiding, otherwise, I too might have needed a rescue boat to save myself,” he said.

Ikmal said his 60-year-old mother and younger sister were staying at a relative’s house, while he stayed back to take care of their house and belongings.

“The floodwater has come down to almost knee level now,” he said.

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