IGP Hamid Bador : Hamzah Has Been Pushing To Get Power To Determine Where Police Officers Will Be Placed

Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Abdul Hamid Bador has spoken out against home minister Hamzah Zainudin’s interference in police matters.

This comes hours after Hamzah confirmed that he was the person in a leaked recording of a conversation on the reshuffle of the police force.

“This is what should be avoided. A minister cannot interfere with the management of daily tasks.

“I have already raised this with him (Hamzah). I already raised it with the chief secretary to the government. We have our bosses, we raised it to them but he still wants the power (to interfere). This is not good for the country,” said the outgoing IGP, who will retire on Monday.

Hamid said it was not up to ministers to decide who becomes chief of police or directors in the force.

“I want to clarify that the (home minister’s) responsibility as chairman of the police force commission (SPP) has a limit.”

He said Hamzah has been pushing to get power to determine where police officers will be placed.

“That’s not good. It makes it difficult for me to organise (police matters) and that is how some camps (within the force) arise.”

He added that he was not looking for an extension of his term but wanted to stress the importance of maintaining the integrity of the force.

Hamid revealed that many investigations into police misconducts by the SPP had been suspended and the commission met to just “have coffee”. Even then, it only held four meetings a year instead of every month.

“That’s the situation, matters are not taken seriously. Imagine if the Public Services Commission matters are handled like this.

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“That is why it is best for SPP not to be chaired by a minister. Let a judge or former judge lead. When ministers join, there are elements of politics.”

Hamid said his final SPP meeting was scheduled for today, but he decided not to attend as the “intentions for today’s meeting were not right”.

“Why is it that they are only calling for an SPP meeting on a Friday? Why not a week or two earlier so we could discuss and make improvements (to the force)?”

He also questioned what Hamzah had achieved during his time as the SPP chairman, noting that many cases had failed to progress.

However, he admitted that there had always been bad blood between Hamzah and himself.

“There’s no harmony between me and the minister because we have different ways of thinking.”

He said Hamzah’s predecessor, current Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, had been supportive and understanding.

“He did not ignore the plight of the police and he did not push his way around. He was a very good home minister.”

Hamid said things changed only after the “change of government”.

Source : FMT

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