IJN Nurse Story: Report Lodged Against Umno’s Lokman - Threatened The Nurse From Revealing The True Story - The Coverage

IJN Nurse Story: Report Lodged Against Umno’s Lokman – Threatened The Nurse From Revealing The True Story

Kangar MP Noor Amin Ahmad has lodged a police report against Umno’s Lokman Noor Adam in connection with a woman who had claimed to know the truth about the death of fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim.

Noor Amin said that Lokman, an Umno Supreme council member, had accused him of threatening a woman, known only as “Cik Miera”, who is believed to be a nurse with the National Heart Institute (IJN).

She had claimed to know the truth about how Adib had died from injuries sustained in the Seafield temple riots last year.

KUALA LUMPUR 8/08/2018. Lokman Adam speaks to media outside the High Court
MALAYMAIL/Azneal Ishak.

“Cik Miera” had claimed in a Facebook posting that Adib had been assaulted. She disputed the testimony of a forensic expert at an inquest into Adib’s death.

The expert said the injuries sustained by Adib were inconsistent with claims that he was beaten up.

Noor Amin said that he had merely urged “Cik Miera” to come forward as a witness in the inquest.

“All I did was to ask the nurse to explain the matter and not cover up the truth if indeed she knew the actual story,” Bernama quoted him as saying after he lodged a report at the Kangar police station today.

He said Lokman had, however, claimed that Noor Amin had threatened the nurse, a claim that was defamatory. “Lokman’s claim may affect the investigation into the case,” he said.

Fireman Adib, 24, was part of the Emergency Medical Rescue Services sent from the Subang Jaya fire and rescue station to the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman temple on Nov 27.

He is believed to have been attacked there.

The inquest into Adib’s death was called by the government this year amid conflicting claims on the cause of the fireman’s death after he showed up at the Seafield riots.

Dr Ahmad Hafizam Hasmi, a pathologist, recently said that Adib was not beaten based on the pattern of injuries usually seen on such victims.

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