Incredibly Fit And Stunning 50-Year-Old Chinese Bikini Beauty Defies Her Age!

Many people are searching for ways to preserve their appearance and turn back the clock on aging. A mother from Henan has seemed to uncover the secret, and for her, it’s many years of dedicated exercise. At 50 years old, Ye Wen looks decades younger—more like someone in their 20s.      Wen began her intense fitness regimen at the age of 30 with daily swimming. Initially interested in keeping healthy, she has continued the sport all these years—including across the straits of Malacca, with hopes of conquering the Han River in South Korea. Although this activity is not a literal fountain of youth, and of course genes play a role in her wrinkle-free complexion, Wen’s amazingly-maintained appearance is still an inspiration to all those who want to be healthy and active throughout their mature years. In addition to a strict swimming regime, she visits the gym two to three times each week, spending on average two hours working out. Wen says she was slim and graceful at age 30 before she beginning her training, but netizens believe on the basis of this before and after that she looks far more vibrant and healthy at 50. Wen also said that her dream was to continue wearing a bikini and swim until she is 80! Hmmm am i the only one who feels like hitting the gym like right now after looking at her inspiring photos!?  

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