Indonesian DJ/Singer Kicks Man in the Face After Groping Her Privates When Performing – “This Is Like A Cat Being Offered A Fish”

Ugh! The man even laughed it off! gebby sexually harassed in club instagram 2 Source: Instagram The incident happened at a club in Indonesia when DJ/singer Gebby Vesta was performing on the stage dressed voluptuously in a bikini and an unbuttoned denim. As she crouched down to get closer to the audience, her legs were seen spread apart. One man wearing a cap thought that it was an invitation, he reached his hand to touch Gebby’s crotch. Quickly, Gebby stood back up. But the man persisted and tried to touch Gebby again. It was then the singer swung a kick to his face. Source: Instagram Gebby posted the scene of the commotion on her 500,000 following Instagram profile. The video was viewed over 450,000 times, and it garnered 11,000 likes and 3,500 comments. Laughing while the man was dragged away, the man would clearly do it the third time if wasn’t stopped. He showed no remorse to his action.

“I kicked his face and still my heart is not satisfied!!” Gebby wrote in the caption.

Many of the comments applauded Gebby’s physical retaliation but there were also some that blamed her for opening the opportunity for the capped man to sexually harass her.

“If I were the guy I’d do the same thing. She’s offering herself, so it’s understandable that I’d go for it,” one wrote.

“This is like a cat being offered a fish,” said another. Gebby did not care about the comments. Instead, in her following post, she criticized the club’s management for failing to provide security to the performers and preventing drunken men from harassing her. “I am contractually obligated to appear sexy … but the STUPID security guards, when they knew that there was an irritating incident experienced by the artist, they allowed the DRUNK THUG (to grab me) by giving him room to have fun,” she wrote. Gebby was thinking to sue the club for their poor management but the establishment was quick to apologize for the mishandling. In return, she decided to keep the video posted on her profile as an exemplar to highlight the intolerable behaviour and urge other establishments to create safeguarding precaution to protect performers. Source: coconuts    

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  1. Christopher Ng Huar Tag

    September 7, 2018 at 11:02

    you are a stupid girl… period. is not about drunk or not… it is you who give him a chance… and yet you complained.. stupid girl.

  2. Ayam indo

    September 9, 2018 at 01:02

    Prostitute that grew a conscience

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