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Inspiring Young Man Shares His Heartwarming Story To The Public!

God has sent many angels among us, people with kind souls helping others when they needed some help while not judging anyone. One of the angels is Muhd Khairul who shared his story on Facebook.

In his post, he writes that he was looking for his friend, Ashuk Kumar, at his “port” where he stays. Khairul sat on his motorcycle while enjoying the breeze just waiting for his friend to show up. Since his friend does not own a mobile phone, he couldn’t contact his friend.

When Ashuk sneaked up to Khairul from behind, Khairul notices something and when he saw that it was Ashuk, he shouted “Where did you go. aiyooo. He wanted to bring Ashuk to a barber to give him a haircut and shave off his beard and mustache. Initially, Ashuk refused to accept the offer, but after much persuasion from Khairul he finally gave in.


Khairul’s heart is so kind that he spends his lunch break with Ashuk whenever he can catching up and just chatting. While on their journey Khairul has taken a few pictures to compare before and after look of Ashuk. When Ashuk mentioned that he wanted to get a job, any kind of job, Khairul was at a loss. Being just a dispatch boy Khairul does not have many connections in finding any job suitable for Ashuk, so Khairul is seeking help from anyone who knows of any job offers around Kuala Lumpur area to contact him via Facebook.

Although Ashok is homeless, he doesn’t like troubling Khairul for anything which was why he rejected the offer to cut his hair, and as expected when Khairul slipped some money in Ashok’s pocket for his spending, he quickly rejects the offer. But Khairul said “Don’t make me sad, Ashok,” and in the end, Ashok accepted Khairul’s help. He also asked for Khairul’s contact number so he can call him anytime.

Ashuk showed his gratitude and said “I don’t know how I can ever repay you,” Khairul said to Ashuk that it’s alright, he is just doing what he can to help and that if Ashuk insists of returning the favor, he asked for Ashuk’s prayers. Prayers for prosperity, health, and love. If ever Khairul and Ashuk excels in life, they would then help others, that is their promise to each other.

The story shared by Muhd Khairul is very inspiring to everyone as they bless him for his kind act, and there were over 15 thousand shares on his Facebook post. Loads of respect for Khairul and may he have a healthy and prosperous life to help others too.



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