23-Day Old Malaysian Baby Raped By Own Father

A 23-day-old baby was raped by his own father while the mother was resting in the next room.


We now live in dark times. If you look beyond the luxuries in life and into the sorrow and chaos concealed beneath the mask of happiness we gave ourselves by building bigger, grander things; you’ll realize what a depressing world we live in. We live in a world being torn apart by feuding governments, sex- offenders, warring nations, raging militants, natural calamities and economic uncertainty. The Coverage Bureau has come across a piece of Malaysian news that shook us to our core. A story so sick and gruesome that it tattooed a gory vision of the incident into our memories with a hot needle, dipped in the darkest of inks. This time last year, a 28-year-old man, sodomized his 23-day-old baby in his house he shares with his wife who gave birth 3 weeks before in Taman Sunway, Batu Caves. Yes, you read that right. A 23-day-old baby was raped by his own father while the mother was resting in the next room. The man in question approached his wife earlier that day, asking her for sexual company to which she turned down as she had just went into labor a few weeks ago and to have sex after such a short time was considered taboo. Feeling frustrated, wanting to fulfill his sexual needs, he headed over to the newborn’s crib and sodomized him while his wife rested in the next room. His wife never suspected anything until she went in to get the baby an hour later to bathe her. She was shocked to see the baby seemed lifeless and that he had bruises on her mouth. Then, she remembered that her husband was alone with the baby for some time and suspected that he must have done something to hurt the baby.   [caption id="attachment_185" align="aligncenter" width="300"]1 The mother with her baby at the ICU[/caption] Without confronting her husband, she rushed over to a clinic where she was asked to hurry to the Selayang Medical Centre with her baby where they had the proper equipment to save the baby. Doctors confirmed that there were signs of penetration and that the baby was sodomized. After the doctor broke the new to her, she went into a raging fit and immediately made a police report at the Selayang Police Station. Post incident reports tell a more detailed and gruesome tale. The baby got bruises on his mouth, when the man in question clasped his hands tightly on the baby’s mouth when he heard the baby cry out in pain so that his wife wouldn’t hear the baby’s screams. That attempt to muffle the baby’s screams asphyxiated the poor baby, making him pass out. The man was brought in for questioning the next day where he admitted what he did and claimed that while doing the unforgivable deed, he felt like his sexual needs took over his body like he was possessed and that he enjoyed it. The baby will forever have imprinted in the back of his mind, the memory of how he was his father’s outlet to vent his sexual frustrations and how he almost lost his life to a man who succumbed to lust of the lowest disgrace. The child will no doubt be scarred for life but we pray he finds a better life ahead. If this story isn’t the slightest bit disheartening, then you must be part of the sickness in this world.
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