"It's just a game...it's not going to steal your boyfriend away anyway!" - The Greastest Malaysian Girlfriend - The Coverage

“It’s just a game…it’s not going to steal your boyfriend away anyway!” – The Greastest Malaysian Girlfriend

Well said, Jolin! Those were my exact thoughts too! “It’s just a game…it’s not going to steal your boyfriend away anyway!”

On April 11, Goody Feed, spotted a Malaysian girl’s post regarding her thought of having a gamer boyfriend – not only was she standing up for all the gamer boyfriends, she was also standing up for their girlfriends who don’t mind their boyfies being game addicts.

Yes, boys! There is still some hope left for you all, as there are girls who do not mind having a relationship with a gamer boyfriend and is not a gamer herself.

You know girls, you should actually consider this as a blessing because while they are distracted with their online or mobile games, you can literally get many things done. NO! I am not saying that you can go cheat/flirt with another guy! I am just saying that you will have your own personal time to get some mani-pedi spa session done or an outing with your female friends and etc…

Couples often spend a lot of time being together and doing things which are interested by both sides, right? So, unless if you had found a partner that is 100% just like you, you pretty much will be needing your own time to do the things that you like.

It’s a great opportunity! Stop whining about your boyfriend not paying attention to you and be more positive about things. If you really really really need the attention of your boyfriend, then why don’t you learn how to play the game that he loves and both of you can play it together. See, no harm, right? Don’t be selfish kayh? Love goes both ways!

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