It's Sickening To Know That You Can Actually Pre-Order Babies In Malaysia For RM6,600-RM11,000 Through Facebook!!! - The Coverage

It’s Sickening To Know That You Can Actually Pre-Order Babies In Malaysia For RM6,600-RM11,000 Through Facebook!!!

Why on earth is this even happening??!! Now you might think that the babies were collected from surrogate mothers, but in true fact, it is not. Despite many times that the authorities keep saying that these kind of news are fake, then how do they explain that cases like these appear in reports?

This whole incident was brought to light when a journalist, Chan Tau Chou from 101 East took it upon him to run a 4-month investigation to collect evidence and information to expose this trading of babies through online platforms.

He stumbled upon a closed group on Facebook that was active in this trading that was mainly run by a bunch of admins who owned fake accounts.

Apparently, the legal way of adopting a baby is a hassle to many and it takes way longer time to process the applications hence why many turn their heads to syndicates like this one. And with the rise of the sex industry in Malaysia, the foreign sex workers are encouraged to get involved in this illegal trade as it can help them earn more cash.

Now, you might wonder how do these syndicates actually sustain their long and constant line of supply of babies? Well, that’s when the pre-ordering and bookings on Facebook come in! The babies are supplied by the sex workers who choose not to abort their babies for their own selfish needs and health issues.

This illegal and unsafe trade is only taking place and getting larger in scale is because of the desperate parents who yearn for a child and are willing to go against the laws.  I somehow understand their feelings, however, doing it this way is wrong. These couples do not realise that by encouraging such trading, it will create a ripple effect which will eventually lead to the increase of paedophiles and sex offenders.

What’s more saddening, is the fact that there are corrupted officials and doctors who are willing to the dirty work just for the bank notes. They are the ones who are responsible for approving these fake birth documents to cover the tracks of this shitty business.

According to the 101 east undercover group had received full assistance from the National Registration Department, and they even managed to collect video evidence of offers from the doctors that provided this services. However, their full identity was not exposed.

It was reported that each offer of the baby starts from RM6,600 to RM11,000. And the price increases immediately if it is a baby boy, of course, other factors like the baby’s weight, race and skin colour were also taken into consideration.

This crazy findings were exposed on Al Jazeera on the 24th of November back in 2016 at 6.30am.

It really breaks our hearts that these kind of sick things are happening. Have the parents-to-be even considered the possibility of the baby born in an unhealthy condition?




  1. Anonymous Unity

    February 21, 2017 at 17:21

    wheres names of tht pages and groups from tht ppl, they should bee stoped tht is not ppl tht is pure evil who hurt lil kid and baby cant bee beter of tht they deserve to be punished

  2. muhamad

    August 7, 2017 at 18:42

    This evil trade should taken immediate action by the law enforcement authority especially the police department that are very busy now to arrest and to tract motorcycles offenders considered as a very minor offence.

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