JOHOR: Chinese Man Honks Continuously During The Friday Prayers Causes Ruckus In Broad Daylight!!! - The Coverage

JOHOR: Chinese Man Honks Continuously During The Friday Prayers Causes Ruckus In Broad Daylight!!!

Malaysian netizens are now divided into 3 after the case of a Chinese man honking continuously during the Friday prayers in front of Surau Austin Perdana, Johor, that took place yesterday.

It was reported to the police by an eyewitness, Khairul Azlan, of the incident that a Chinese man driving a white coloured Toyota Camry with 1 male and 1 female passenger, continuously honked in front of the surau to drive his car out of the location as the roads were blocked by the worshippers who parked their cars along the roadside.

Khairul then claimed that as soon as he was done with his prayers, he quickly came outside to calm the man down and asked him to please respect the people who are still performing their prayers inside the facility, in which the impatient man replied him with the middle finger gesture.

He also claims that despite there were worshippers who were trying to move their parked vehicles away, the rude man still behaved very impatiently and kept pressing on the accelerator which caused him to collide with the car in front him.

Probably due to the collision, the man seemed to have panicked and reversed without checking his rear and almost knocked a Malay man who is believed to be in his 50s.

This has caused much ruckus and made the whole incident erupt into a massive ‘mob’ attack.

From the 3 videos that were shared on Facebook, it clearly shows that the man in the white Camry was driving pretty reckless as he kept going back and forth despite being surrounded by many people. When the angry worshippers started to react violently, they somehow managed to pull the man out of the car and started beating him with a traffic cone.

Right after this happens, the female passenger gets off the car and tries to stop the raging men from beating up her acquaintance however it seemed that she was quickly ‘shoved’ back into the car by the men.

Later, on it seems that the male driver, Toh Chai Eun, had also filed a report claiming that his car was blocked by a Perodua Viva hence why he honked. Even when the Malay car owner went into his car, he did not move his vehicle. This caused Toh to honk once more and before he knew it, suddenly his car was surrounded by the angry worshippers.

It seems that Toh sustained head and back injuries due to this unfortunate event.


Now, Malaysian netizens are ‘fighting’ against each other claiming that either party is in the wrong and it seems that a racial fire has started.

Many are angry at the fact that Toh had no patience and wasn’t being respectful towards the Jumu’ah, while others are angry at the worshippers for turning so violent right after prayers. Then, there are some (I would say rational ones) who aren’t taking sides and stating that both were in the wrong and all of this could have been solved in a proper manner.

With that being said, you know where I stand in this situation, what about you? Honestly, this shouldn’t have happened because, in Islam, there’s a proverb saying, “Patience is half of faith”. And clearly, no one was being patient that afternoon despite just finishing their prayers.

Always be the better person, as my parents had taught me.


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