Johor Girl Stucked In The Deep Drain for 10 Hours After Her MYVI Drifted Off Road - The Coverage

Johor Girl Stucked In The Deep Drain for 10 Hours After Her MYVI Drifted Off Road


Earlier we from The Coverage Bureau reported about a 25 year old Johor beautician lost and went missing.



News Posted In Social Media To Locate Her Earlier Missing

Somebody contacted us at [email protected] to seek for our help to spread this news out. 


PLEASE SHARE : 25 Year Old Johor Girl Went Missing in Johor ( Kulai )

Tay Wei Kun, a girl 25 year old girl from Kulai, Johor, has went missing after getting involved in an accident. Her car that was found this morning (21/11/2015) in a ditch by a passerby, was empty. She is yet to be found and no hospital has reports of her being sent there for treatment.

Do share this news amongst your friends and family to help locate this girl. Her family members are deeply worried for her. – The Coverage Bureau 


After getting involved in an accident , her car  was found this morning at 5.00 am  (21/11/2015) in a ditch by a passerby. This news went viral in the social media to locate her.


A few minutes ago, we just received new that she has been found and is now in safe hands. Apparently, she fell into a ditch after the accident. The ditch was too deep for her to climb out of. She instead contacted her friends after she got conscious and they rushed to her rescue.


In this conversation,she claims that she can’t open her car door and she is in a big drain and she can’t escape. She also sent a picture of the drain she is caught in to show how deep she fell in. 

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We are glad that she is now found , rescued and safe. Estimated that she was stucked in the ditch for about 10 hours long.

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