Johor Teen Died Tragically After Mistakenly Drinking Ecstasy Drugged Coke at Karaoke Party

ecstacy-spike-victim died tragically

Source: Sinchew The incident began when the teen, surnamed Ang (photo), decided to join his friend’s birthday celebration at the karaoke joint after his work at a cybercafe, 5 am in the morning yesterday. Caught in the mess of things, he mistook his chocolate drink for a drugged ecstasy coke at the karaoke. After consuming it, his mouth started to spew white foams, the body went into convulsion and passed out soon after. He died while on the way to the hospital. father of ecstacy-spike-victim Source: happytifydm His father (photo) only got to know the devastating news at 10 am after his friend contacted the father saying that Ang died from getting too ‘high’. According to Sin Chew, Ang was a filial son to his 80-year-old grandmother and father. Because of work as a taxi driver, his father did not stay with Ang. Yet, their relationship was very close and they called each other very often. The father said that Ang even promised to help him with some money for car repair yesterday. He recalled that Ang tried ecstasy out of curiosity once and realized its danger soon after. His son promised him to never do it again. Throughout the years, the father constantly reminded Ang the harmful effect of ecstasy and Ang did hold onto his promise. Despite the constant reminder, what the father feared the most still happened.

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Source: Sin Chew On top of that, the karaoke joint where Ang died was coincidently his father’s previous workplace! The father continued that his son used to do well in the school but due to bully by triads, he quit. However, his son did apply for re-entry next year. Truly tragic. We hope Ang’s family can stay strong through the time of grief. If there is a lesson or two we can learn from this is that we need to be vigilant to our drinks at parties and stay away from drugs, physically and mentally. Source: Sin Chew          

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