“When We Were Just Friends I Was Jealous When She Talked To Other Guys” – Tun Dr. Mahathir And Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah’s Love Story Revealed!

Source: Boleh Bro

“She was the only Malay female student, maybe that is why I fell for her. There were six other male students, all of whom were always willing to help with her bags. “I was raised in a family of majority men, so I do not know how to attract a woman. I look at my friends helping her with her bags, I joined in too. But I always teach her (lessons; revise), maybe that was what made our relationship close.”
They started a family at a relatively late age, namely, Dr. Mahathir at the age of 30, while Dr. Siti Hasmah, 29. Source: Boleh Bro Dr. Siti Hasmah said the delay was because they only got married after graduation and housemanship to meet her father’s request.
“My dad knows about our relationship, so one day he called me and we talked about it. He asked me to promise to finish my education before getting married. My husband graduated in 1953, and I graduated in 1955. A year later we were married.”
Just like any other relationship, they encountered loads of challenges before marriage. When asked about the challenges, Dr. Siti Hasmah did not deny that during their relationship they faced many difficulties. But they held on together and managed to pass through it all because of a promise they had with each other. In fact, Dr. Mahathir also admitted feeling jealous when they were younger (before marriage), especially when he saw Dr. Siti Hasmah with another man.
“There were also times when I saw her talking to another guy, and I felt jealous. Similarly, she would also be jealous when she sees me with another woman. But in the long run, we come to an understanding that nothing happened between the other people, that is how our relationship last.”
Source: Boleh Bro Dr. Siti Hasmah acknowledged that during their marriage, she got used to the attention her husband was receiving, especially from the crowd. In fact, she would often have to move aside to give space for those who would like to take a picture with Dr. Mahathir for memories.
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“Once when we were in Suria KLCC,  there were a group of women who came to take pictures with him (Dr. Mahathir) so I have to move far to the side. Coincidentally, I looked up and saw a couple that was watching the whole scenario from the upper floor. “They were laughing at the situation and shouted at me ‘Aren’t you jealous?’, I just laughed it off because this is already normal for me. I’m not jealous because we understand each other.”
As a couple, you need to ensure that any conflict s between husband and wife should not be prolonged. Source: Kisah Kini It has been more than 60 years since the loving couple tied the knot, however, Dr. Siti Hasmah admits that like any other couple, disagreements still exist as they are just human beings.
“He always complains that I’m slow (to get ready especially getting ready for occasions). We, women usually has a lot of things like bags and accessories to pair with our outfit. “So that was what makes me late when I’m looking for the right accessories. My husband is an organized man, every night; he will prepare all the necessities like clothes and shoes for the next day. “In addition, as a mother, we always have something to do before leaving the house, especially at night, I have a habit to make sure to turn off all of the lights in every room before leaving. So, I always get scolded, and when we enter the car, he would be so grumpy that he wouldn’t even greet other people. “However, I realized my mistake and we talked it out. But in order to solve the ‘slow’ problem, I have him (Dr. Mahathir) to turn off the lights.” She smiled at her husband as she recalled the incident.
Source: Boleh Bro Interestingly, Dr. Mahathir said he also had a way to solve their problems.
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“Actually, I’m a person who is obsessed with timeliness. It’s hard to understand women, lipstick; bag must match with the color of their shoes… Because she’s always so slow, I’ll sit in the dressing room and find what she needs. From shoes to accessories and bags, to make sure she can get ready faster.” He smiled.
Looking at today’s new couples getting divorced here and there, Dr. Mahathir admitted that he is saddened by the situation. To him, divorce will undermine family harmony and bring more problems especially trauma to the children. He said what happened today may be due to the change in cultural value. Back then, most newly-wed couples get abundant attention from their families, but the new generation has migrated to the city leaving no one to observe and advise their marriage.
“People once considered ‘divorce’ as something terrible, but divorce is considered normal in the modern day. When we established a household and have kids, then we have to understand that we have a responsibility. “If we have that sense of responsibility, we will think of how to reconsider when fighting, not to get divorced. It is so sad to see so many women being single mothers. I am from a conservative family. For us, we have only one wife.”
Source: Boleh Bro
“My father was married twice, but he married his second wife after emak, his first wife died. Most importantly, we need to be tolerant and do not expect our partner to be exactly how we want them to be. “They have their own personality, so you need to be prepared to accept their own shortcomings,” says Dr. Siti Hasmah.
Do not let trivial problems be the cause of divorce because this will affect the children the most as they will lose the love of their parents. Tun M says it is not easy to maintain a successful marriage, especially with someone well-known. Whatever the couple does, be sure that it is worth it, and do it together. Tun Dr. Mahahir Mohamad has held the highest portfolio of people as the number one in the country, meaning he needs to be prepared to sacrifice his time and energy.
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Source: Boleh Bro Dr. Siti Hasmah said when met recently,
“I think I can understand my husband’s career as a politician because we both start out as doctors. This career (doctor) sometimes causes my husband to be back home late, but I understand because I’m also a doctor. “Regardless, we must believe and be tolerant towards our husband. You shouldn’t be jealous for no reason. What’s important is to find time to spend with our spouse and children.”
In this regard, Dr. Mahathir admits that even though his wife is understanding and strong to face any challenges with him, as a husband, he still feels guilty especially when leaving his wife alone with their kids. Source: Boleh Bro Among the unforgettable memories, Dr. Mahathir recalled an incident when he was in a dilemma to choose between being by Dr. Siti Hasmah’s side as she was giving birth or to attend his first parliamentary session.
“I remember another incident in 1964, I had just won my first election then. She (Dr. Siti Hasmah) was waiting to go into labor to give birth to Mukhriz. “I was getting ready to attend my first Parliamentary session when suddenly her amniotic sac broke, but she insisted me to go for my Parliamentary session. Imagine a trip from Kedah to Kuala Lumpur, it took a long time and I could only see them (his wife and Mukhriz) after she gave birth. “Indeed, I feel guilty, but we think in the household, the husband and wife need to understand each other. Most importantly, we are not too eager to spend time together, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have time for family.”
Dr. Siti Hasmah confessed that as a wife, she understands that the trials are very important for her husband which made her insist on him going although the journey would be a long one. Source: Kisah Kini Tun Dr. Mahathir and Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah are just like any other married couples out there; they struggle together, understand each other, and support one another. We pray that you may have a long, healthy, and happy life together, and we as the rakyat will support the both of you from behind! (Source: Kisah Kini)



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    Very interesting article.Best wishes to both of them . I pray to God to bless them with lots of happiness and good health for years to come.Tun, we are indebted to you for your sacrifices and immense contributions to our beloved nation.
    We are truly thankful to you for saving our nation from kleptocrats.Tun Dr Mahathir is God’s gift to Malaysia.We have full faith and confidence in you to lead our beloved nation.

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