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Katana-wielding Man Carjacks Vehicle Only to Drive Away With a Woman Inside The Car

Imagine that while you were heading back home from sahur, you find two men, one of them with a katana in his hand. The one with the katana reaches out to scare you and your friends, leaving… well, only you left in the car and he carjacks the vehicle you are on. It wouldn’t be surprising for the victim to end up traumatised, at least a little bit.

The incident occurred in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah just earlier today. According to The Star, the woman victim was out with three male friends, as well as a fourth man in a car that was tailing the first car. On the way home at 3.20am, the suspects’ vehicle slightly moved into their lane. This prompted them to stop their car. All of the men got out of the cars, leaving the woman alone in the car. The man with the samurai sword decided to chase them, but they all ran away. Soon after, the katana-wielding man decided to carjack the car with the woman sitting inside, and the other man used the car they initially used together.

When the guy friends wanted to chase her, they realised that the last car’s windows were broken and the keys were missing. They later called another friend and lodged a police report at the Karamunsing police station.

The men were later caught about 10km away, at the state federal’s car park. They were found at 4.30am.

The two suspects, aged 38 and 18 were apparently under the influence of alcohol during the time. However, they were tested for drugs and the results came as negative.

Thankfully, the woman involved was unharmed.

You didn’t think you’d see a samurai somewhere in Malaysia, did you…?





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