Khairy, Adham, Hisham & Ismail Should Resign For Breaking SOP And Creating This Pandemic – This Is Why KL & Selangor Numbers Keep Going Up And Up

USAT PENJANGKITAN VIRUS – This is why KL and Selangor’s numbers keep going up and up. You don’t see such astronomical increases in other states. Why? Because their PPVs are smaller, and some even have drive-throughs. But in the Klang Valley, mega-PPVs can jab up to 20,000 people per day, and that’s not including staff and people accompanying dependents.

That’s 20,000+ people’s germs berperap in the air the whole day. How many asymptomatic infected people are there out of 20k? In one week, there are 140,000 people’s germs circulating in there. In one month, 600,000. More than half a million. That is in one centre. What are the chances that there is ONE infected person among them?

Every day, Hisham tells us to follow SOP but then the KKM themselves do not. They ban gatherings, you cannot eat by yourself in your own car, cannot ride a bicycle by yourself, cannot buy food at open-air pasar malams, cannot hold weddings with even 1 guest, then KKM lets 20,000 people crowd together in air-conded, enclosed spaces and sit there for hours waiting for their turns. Wasn’t it Hisham who said don’t spend more than 15 minutes in enclosed spaces?

And among these people are the old, as they got to go first. You take vulnerable people with weak immune systems and you let them crowd with 20,000 people, many with Delta variants and then when they get sick, you blame them for not following SOP. Then you close down shops and pasar malams until people commit suicide and children become stunted, while you create “sporadic” clusters at gatherings of 20,000. Who is the one not following SOP here, huh?????

So here’s the joke – you go to get a jab because you want to avoid catching the disease, then you go and crowd with 20,000 people and catch the disease. 🤣

Whose fault is this? Who spent RM333 million of our money to rent halls for jabs? Why cannot rent many smaller halls or use community centres, govt buildings, schools, KKs, etc.? Many govt buildings have their own dewans. Why not let clinic doctors give out jabs? Thousands of clinics everywhere, in every neighbourhood. But no, want to bolot everything!! Why not rent shoplots, unused restaurants, badminton halls? Owners sure could use the rent. Why not use schools? They all have drive-through roads, can do drive-through jabs. Zero risk of cross-infection!

But as it is, people in KL have to cross districts to get jabbed, some travelling up to 50km. What’s the point of MCO if you let tens of thousands of people cross districts every day to spread germs everywhere for the next two years? Is this not worse than balik kampung?? Why can’t people get jabbed in their own district?

Each district has a klinik kesihatan, schools and community centres. No hall, drive-through also can. A tent in the parking lot will do. If nurses can swab people in parking lots, why not jab there too? Why must rent ginormous stadiums and posh convention halls and spend money putting up partitions, rooms, curtains, fancy signs, electronic numbering systems?

Is it because it costs more to rent bigger stadiums and convention centres, whereas govt buildings are free? If everything is free then how to makannnn???? No project, no makan. Megaproject = mega makan.

Why don’t we see astronomical increases in other states? Because they don’t have ginormous stadiums or convention centres to rent as PUSAT PENJANGKITAN VIRUS!!!!

Look at the capacity of some venues in KL and Selangor. This is how many people they jab per day:

Putrajaya International Convention Centre – 20,000 people
KLCC – 15,000 people
Bukit Jalil Stadium – 10,000 people
Move N Pick Hotel, Sepang – 9,000 people
Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC) – 8,000 people
KPJ Klang Specialist Hospital – 6,000 people
Sunway Convention Centre – 5,000 people
Mines Convention Centre – 5,000 people

Are there even 20,000 people at a pasar ramadan?

The whole day, the aircond is blowing people’s viruses around, so even after they leave, you can still inhale their germs. At the end of the day, the aircond is switched off. Tomorrow it will continue circulating the germs that were left behind the day before. And that’s not counting the viruses that are caught in the filter and then blown out again the next day.

So who is responsible for the ever-increasing numbers in the Klang Valley??? Who spent RM333 million of our money for rent and created 84% sporadic cases?? I dare Hisham to tell us what percentage of the sick have already been vaccinated!!!!

However, astronomical increases will not be limited to KL and Selangor for long. Next week, similar increases will occur in all states. One week ago, Khairy and fellow kaki songlaps set up “Industry PPV” centres – people will be jabbed together based on their professions. One venue each for factory, construction and transportation workers.

This will bring together factory workers from different factories across the state, construction workers from different worksites, and bus, taxi, train and lorry drivers from all over the state to gather together at one vaccination centre. What could go wrong??? These centres have will jab 300k+ people in 12 states (except Perlis and Labuan). These people will then go back to their hostels, families and communities.

Cases increased 25% over the past week. It has been more than one week since these Industry Pusat Jangkitans started operating. How much you wanna bet in 2 more days, we will see 5 digits? (Unless they cheat and reduce testing.) We are gonna become like India. Selangor is like India already, in 2 weeks, the whole of Malaysia will become like India. And then Hisham will say, “New clusters detected at factories and construction sites, this is because people didn’t follow SOP.”

Who is the one not following SOP here????

Who is the one creating huge gatherings everywhere?

Who is asking people to cross districts and spread germs?

Who is spending RM333 million of our money renting humongous stadiums and conference centres when schools, KKs and community centres are free?

Who is gathering people from different factories and construction sites from all over the state and mixing them together?

Khairy, Adham, Hisham and Sabri should resign for breaking SOP. Not only did they fail to contain the pandemic, they CREATED this pandemic

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